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Glamover – It’s like a hangover, but glam by hallaek

No better time than as the holidays approach to relax, spend time with friends, and (if one is of legal age, of course) partake in an alcoholic beverage, or eight. You’re not like all the rest, though. When you go to a holiday party, heads turn. As you weave through the room various people grab your arm, asking where you got that and how you thought to pair velvet with sneakers — you’re just too fabulous, perhaps even for life itself.

So the night ends and you won the eggnog chugging contest, which was easy as you were the sole participant, but what does this tell of the future? Surely the morning after tossing back festive liquor won’t be a nice one, in fact it’ll likely be a naughty one, but either way this is you and you will not partake in this hangover nonsense. There is hope for you, oh breathtakingly cool one, as hangover’s got a new friend: her name is ‘Glamover’ and she is fierce, just like you.

Glam-o-ver (noun):

  1. Ill effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol whilst being fabulous.
  2. A fabulous thing that has survived from the past.

Google definitions don’t lie.

The curse of glamover sufferers is that outsiders assume our morning-after pain is lesser than theirs, which is not true, it just looks better aesthetically. Underneath the sunnies, fur, and jewelry are the deafening moans of a very hungover person.


Make your hangover fab. Make it a glamover.

DIY Sunday: Jewelry Toques by hallaek

Judging by that title one may deduce that I am lacking creativity, and am Canadian; hopefully no correlation is made between the two. I am slowly (willingly) transforming myself into a cat, because why not, so that plus cold weather spurned a Eugenia Kim purchase. I still felt like partaking in the arts & crafts, though I blame my lack of effort in title-ing due to already being ‘hat-ready’ for winter. I’m saving my ingenious wordplay for the post featuring knit cat ears.

In the first of our DIY Sundays, assuming crafts become a staple hangover cure, the inspiration was a knit beanie with varying gem pieces sewn onto it. While the original hat had a clear design, it would be easier for our purposes and much more on-trend if we approached the bedazzling in a more relaxed way — think accidental bling. A few quick shopping stops to grab a hot glue gun, some plain toques, and cheap junk jewelry to break up and without spending more than $30 each we were set.

Most of craft time was spent staring at our hats, as if Matilda-styles gems would start floating and dancing and landing in place looking sweet, but that didn’t happen so we had a potato chip break. Eventually we all got quiet and down to business and within a couple of hours we had three very different looking hats in front of us — because we were all wearing them all night, inside.

Mine began as an explosion of jewels from one corner, but then I draped an old necklace on it/over my eye and as a huge fan of things I can hide behind, was sold. Christianne’s is definitely an explosion of various bling and she even sewed it all down, so you know she’s legit. And Jacinta, whose idea sparked the evening’s activity, created a kind of traditional zig-zag pattern, only entirely in beads and jewelry — both hers and Christianne’s look like something you would pay $60 for at Club Monaco, or J.Crew. Then mine looks like I wore a hat, then I wore a necklace, but on my forehead. Art!




Try it yourself!

PHOTOG. by hallaek

There are going to be a lot of pictures in this post and basically no writing – for me, that is. I feel like most people don’t read my (witty) banter. I’m pretty sure of it…. Okay, I know it y’all. So, if you want to read my (witty) banter you can find it here. This is redundant for those of you that clicked the link, but for the rest of you: I’m now the fashion blogger for my school. Hopefully there’s no censoring (of my wit) like at the last not-my-own-blog-where-I-can-ramble blogging position. I’m fairly sure there won’t be, my ‘boss’ is hella cool. Yeah, hella. I’d tell you why, but that wouldn’t make me hella cool now, would it?

Anyway, it’s been too hot to wear anything besides nothing and I’ve been too busy to care. Here are some pictures I’ve taken that I like.
Things I see in my bedroom & some shots from my school’s photo shoot for our term’s magazine, FMQ.

bird bud


mine, cruz.

bff necklace

sexy beast

manolos & no name

jenny from the block

i spy hooves

fmq shoot prep

designer at work

aodt designed

more product


the talent


It’s Binns, bitch. by hallaek
April 10, 2011, 8:58 pm
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Well I “LOL-ed” when I came up with that title, even if you didn’t. (I’m still “LOL-ing”…”LOLzing”…”LOL-ZING”?)
Picture this: I’m on an elliptical (stop laughing), I’m rocking out to Britney Spears (really, stop), and what do I see gracing the chest of the once bald and babysat popstar? One of Tom Binns most gorgeous creations that I have only ever indulged in during my spontaneous collage making. I know a lot of people like Brit, and I don’t really have anything against her, but since when is Britney Spears a fashion icon? Because if that’s what they’re trying to push, it ain’t working. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. And I realize neon is kind of her thing, but this is the only form of neon I find acceptable, why must she ruin it for me?


To think Tila, an avid reader of Mr. Perez’s work, and a less avid listener of me, did not inform me of this Binns-phemy (LOL-ZING). I will say this though, it got me browsing online for the oh so pricey goodies, where I found my new (and yes, oh so pricey) favourite:

via Net-a-Porter


ANIMAL WORLD by hallaek
May 17, 2010, 5:53 pm
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-For those of us who want to take the cat lady trend to the next level.

…I’m obviously kidding. Cause I’m funny. That and I’m not sure if being a cat lady is a trend, not yet at least, I’ll make it big. Anyway, remember that time I was down on the blogging? No, not the first time. Oh, no, not even that other time. The most recent time. Yeah, that time. Well it’s not like I forgot about the blogging world completely, I was still thinking of things to post. I’ve forgotten most, but I remembered one today! (Yay!…) It brings together all the best things in life (minus love and happiness and that lame shit) sparkles, animals, and extravagance. I give you…ANIMAL WORLD by Chopard!

Just the favs...there are more!

It’s for their 150th anniversary and they wanted to do something different and thus brilliance was created. If you read the ‘About’ section they name off some animals not shown on the site, but it’s also been updated since I last looked so keep checking because you never know when you just have to drop $20,000 on a frog prince ring. Don’t worry, $20,000 is just an estimate…I’m sure it costs more than that. Hey, billionaires, give me a call? I swear I’ve got a dazzling personality.

P.S. You can kind of view some of the jewelry not showcased in the ‘Gallery’ section.

P.P.S. Watches too. Much more practical for $20,000, and “manlier”, so my ultra-riche hubby and I can match. (I know, I know, I’m so thoughtful. You’re in love with me already.)

The Bead Goes On by hallaek
April 17, 2010, 9:15 pm
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(And on, and on…) I’ve praised it in two past posts… It got me interested in vintage… It made me love sparkles even more… Now here it is… Inside… THE BEAD GOES ON! (I was trying to sound like an announcer for wrestling or something along those lines. I hope you got it.) On Wednesday Tila and I decided to go for a walk to McDonald’s (shut up) and we somehow ended up at The Bead Goes On (weird…) where we bought quite a bit (we wouldn’t) and I got to take pictures! So really I went for the blog’s sake, nothing to do with the constant want to acquire jewelry. Mmmm, materialism. The owner, Cyndi, was kind enough to let me take pictures in her store of all the goodies that surround every inch. The store is quite small, but that’s the best part because you’re absolutely surrounded by fabulous (and sparkly) items and it also means that at each visit you’ll find something new! Prices are amazing too, most lie between $15-$60 and of course the more snazzy items around $85-$165. There is a green bib necklace (which you’ll see in one of the pictures) which is so enormous, and so sparkly and so fabulous, and even has a pin on the other side of the bib part to secure it which is $350, but in comparison to the nice bibs out right now and the fact that this one is so unique, that’s a fantastic price. Okay, I could go on to describe what I want to buy next and what I’ve bought, but let’s take you in!

Tila got an amazing purple/hot pink necklace which I totally would’ve nabbed if I didn’t have a weird eye clashing issue…I’m not getting into it. Anyway, I’ll have to get some shots of the awesome jewelry, ya know, just in case you need more convincing which I highly, highly doubt. Check it out! Show me your new babies (not real babies, sparkly babies, but if you have an actual sparkly baby I’d look at that too).

P.S. Just started watching 30 Rock and OMG. OMG. WHY DID I JUST START? OMG.

Somewhat [insert whatever] by hallaek
April 13, 2010, 5:57 pm
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My last drama formal. It really hasn’t hit me since I haven’t moved out yet, but I’m sure it will all come flooding in once that day comes. For now, let’s take a look at everyone’s (okay, my) favourite thing: sparkles. We showed up late to the dance, and were very sparkly, and made quite the entrance…it was kind of embarrassing, but apparently “fabulous” so I’ll take it! As you’ll see my dress and shoes aren’t the easiest things to dance in, but we still ripped it up. And by “ripped it up” I mean were completely ridiculous and had partner swapping and a chair and interpretive dance…the rhythm definitely got us. Good one, me. I’m full of great jokes lately, I’m thinking of doing stand-up. Or not. I wore a vintage dress from Starling in Kingston and the fav new YSL heels. Tight and high = totally comfortable, for sure. I’m also throwing in two random photos that I find funny, and if you remember back to that stand-up thing a few words ago… I need to stop. Okay. Pictures.

Our man of the night really wanted to try out his model moves and I think he did a great job, it just had to be showcased. And aren’t the last two photos funny? We had to incorporate song, dance, poetry, mime and speech into a presentation that had an encompassing theme and mine was obviously sparkles. It was really just an excuse to wear that many shiny/glittery things at the same time without anyone questioning it. Mission accomplished. And I just really liked the photo of me dancing because it seems to be happening in my photos more lately, that and I love that dress.

I’ve been on an animal buying kick lately and have bought two Razza pieces in the past 24 hours. I’ve only found sites that showcase the zodiac series since it’s the most popular, but you can find much more of it on ebay. Who doesn’t love that? For the most part the prices are great which makes me think that give it a while and they’ll start to raise so if you like what you see, bid now. These are the two new members of the family (live photos to come when they arrive):

Razza Elephant

I’m very excited to wear this guy, the pendant is huge. There’s a lion that’s similar that seems to be calling my name, or roaring my name.

Razza Hatching Chick

Next is my hatching chick which I don’t think is as pretty, but it’s so darn cute! It also looks a lot better on a gold chain…like mine…will be. I’m pretty excited to name them. (Don’t judge me.) I also got really lucky with the elephant purchase, the woman who sold it to me on ebay is an animal accessory-aholic like me and we’ve been going back and forth about her amazing collection so I’m sure the family is bound to grow quite a bit very soon. I wonder if I still have all those Playmobil cages…I can make a zoo! There are cat ladies, then there’s me…and I’m also a quasi-cat lady. Oh no. I also found some very pretty, very expensive animal jewelry, but that’s another post! So for now, check out Razza! Find your special zodiac pendant!

I have an essay due. by hallaek
March 16, 2010, 12:16 am
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I do. I’ve written a bit more than a quarter of it…I have been brainstorming ways out. My best so far is handing in my essay from last term then playing the ditz, which could work on this guy if my top is low enough and my skirt high enough…I’ll mull it over.

The picture: (From The Sartorialist, check him out.)


Now I have tried to accomplish this look with various vintage and new sparklies and (having failed) decided it was not possible to pull off in real life! I was mistaken…obviously this woman is very skilled and has a great eye. That’s not to say I’m not very skilled or have a great eye, I’m just…awkward? Sure, why not. Okay, onto my solution! When I first tried to do the casual layered sparkle thing it was because I had just seen a gorgeous Tom Binns necklace and thought “I can do that”, I also thought “They definitely don’t have Tom Binns in Canada…” They do. At Holt Renfrew, of course. But it’s a very limited assortment. Before I get into that…Tom Binns:

Yeah, baby.

There is a “megastore” in NYC and I’m sure American department stores have much better selection and if you’re not into the over the top gemstone stuff you can find some of the more subdued pieces online, but unless you’re going somewhere chic in the states soon, it ain’t happening. (Long sentence.) I have emailed their International Sales department, because I’m that girl, so perhaps there will be hope! I feel like they won’t get back to me though. If I were a super chic, asymmetric, sparkly wearing, fashionable, cool person I would probably have better things to do than answer emails from a @queensu.ca address. In the meantime I’ll continue attempting to do it on my own, aka learning to be as cool as picture gal, and maybe I’ll post pictures of attempts…

P.S. Into Alice in Wonderland? The Tim Burton one? Tom Binns did a collection for it through Disney Couture which is available online…it’s not my thing, but it may be yours: Tom Binns’ “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

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