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I have an essay due. by hallaek
March 16, 2010, 12:16 am
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I do. I’ve written a bit more than a quarter of it…I have been brainstorming ways out. My best so far is handing in my essay from last term then playing the ditz, which could work on this guy if my top is low enough and my skirt high enough…I’ll mull it over.

The picture: (From The Sartorialist, check him out.)


Now I have tried to accomplish this look with various vintage and new sparklies and (having failed) decided it was not possible to pull off in real life! I was mistaken…obviously this woman is very skilled and has a great eye. That’s not to say I’m not very skilled or have a great eye, I’m just…awkward? Sure, why not. Okay, onto my solution! When I first tried to do the casual layered sparkle thing it was because I had just seen a gorgeous Tom Binns necklace and thought “I can do that”, I also thought “They definitely don’t have Tom Binns in Canada…” They do. At Holt Renfrew, of course. But it’s a very limited assortment. Before I get into that…Tom Binns:

Yeah, baby.

There is a “megastore” in NYC and I’m sure American department stores have much better selection and if you’re not into the over the top gemstone stuff you can find some of the more subdued pieces online, but unless you’re going somewhere chic in the states soon, it ain’t happening. (Long sentence.) I have emailed their International Sales department, because I’m that girl, so perhaps there will be hope! I feel like they won’t get back to me though. If I were a super chic, asymmetric, sparkly wearing, fashionable, cool person I would probably have better things to do than answer emails from a @queensu.ca address. In the meantime I’ll continue attempting to do it on my own, aka learning to be as cool as picture gal, and maybe I’ll post pictures of attempts…

P.S. Into Alice in Wonderland? The Tim Burton one? Tom Binns did a collection for it through Disney Couture which is available online…it’s not my thing, but it may be yours: Tom Binns’ “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

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