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DIY Sunday: Jewelry Toques by hallaek

Judging by that title one may deduce that I am lacking creativity, and am Canadian; hopefully no correlation is made between the two. I am slowly (willingly) transforming myself into a cat, because why not, so that plus cold weather spurned a Eugenia Kim purchase. I still felt like partaking in the arts & crafts, though I blame my lack of effort in title-ing due to already being ‘hat-ready’ for winter. I’m saving my ingenious wordplay for the post featuring knit cat ears.

In the first of our DIY Sundays, assuming crafts become a staple hangover cure, the inspiration was a knit beanie with varying gem pieces sewn onto it. While the original hat had a clear design, it would be easier for our purposes and much more on-trend if we approached the bedazzling in a more relaxed way — think accidental bling. A few quick shopping stops to grab a hot glue gun, some plain toques, and cheap junk jewelry to break up and without spending more than $30 each we were set.

Most of craft time was spent staring at our hats, as if Matilda-styles gems would start floating and dancing and landing in place looking sweet, but that didn’t happen so we had a potato chip break. Eventually we all got quiet and down to business and within a couple of hours we had three very different looking hats in front of us — because we were all wearing them all night, inside.

Mine began as an explosion of jewels from one corner, but then I draped an old necklace on it/over my eye and as a huge fan of things I can hide behind, was sold. Christianne’s is definitely an explosion of various bling and she even sewed it all down, so you know she’s legit. And Jacinta, whose idea sparked the evening’s activity, created a kind of traditional zig-zag pattern, only entirely in beads and jewelry — both hers and Christianne’s look like something you would pay $60 for at Club Monaco, or J.Crew. Then mine looks like I wore a hat, then I wore a necklace, but on my forehead. Art!




Try it yourself!

Lazy Sunday at the Everything to do with Sex Show by hallaek

A Sunday afternoon; the perfect time to relax, sleep off that hangover, eat various breakfast foods — well this past Sunday we took our sausage (literally), and added a side of eggs (also literal). We went to the Everything to do with Sex Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Being a Toronto native I’d heard of the show before, but this was my first time in attendance. Now having had the time to mull the entire experience over I can say one thing for certain: you need to go to the Everything to do with Sex Show at least once in your life. Just do it ®

The ‘Show was setup like a trade show, but with a focus on audience participation and latex. My best friend/photographer/pseudo-mother, Christianne, and I weren’t interested in spending money (because let’s face it – we gots our sex paraphernalia covered) so we hightailed it to the back where the Dungeon lay in its dirty little corner. There was no photography allowed inside the area, so already you know it’s good, but it was so much more than either of us expected.

A corner with a woman chained to a wooden X whilst being whipped, another with one being tied up to hang from a wooden beam structure, and your casual wooden block over which ladies bend to receive their spanking. There was more to the area, but those were the immovable features. We joined the crowd of spectators, though we felt more like voyeurs, as various women got off on their unique kinks — and I do mean “got off,” that first X-lady did so twice! The crowd was proud of her, so was her ‘whipper’.

In all honesty, we kind of turned back into high schoolers with our shifty eyes and awkward giggles, though glad to report we were over that after the first wave of getting off. We left the Dungeon area to catch the Latex and Lace Fashion Show, and had a chance to chat before the models came on stage. While we had only been there for about 20 minutes, we already met an experience that was unlike anything we’ve ever encountered before, and we didn’t like our reactions to it. Christianne and I consider ourselves to be open, playful, and even kinky, but it wasn’t until then that we realized how secretive we are about our sexuality.

It’s perfect timing to come to the realization that you could be holding back right as a bunch of confident women in skimpy lingerie and skin-tight leather and latex start to strut down the runway, and I mean that sincerely. I’ve been to my fair share of fashion shows and typically the women are the kind of skinny that causes serious self-doubt and unfortunately they rarely look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, but these models at the Everything to do with Sex Show had an opposite effect on me. Each model had a personality, their own walk, and genuinely looked to be enjoying the whole experience. The show almost wasn’t about what they were wearing, it seemed to be more about their bodies and how proud they were of them regardless of the ensemble. There was short, curvy, thin, booty, bust, even some green hair — basically hands down the best runway show experience I’ve ever had.

The rest of the afternoon was spent weaving in and out of booths to see some of the novelty sex gizmos and gadgets that were alien to us before Sunday and we observed the trend of female guest participation at these various stands. And coincidentally enough as I noticed all these women eager to join in on the fun, I saw a sign on a table of books and DVDs that made mention of “The Feminist Porn Awards” and everything started to fall into place. I am holding onto an old way of thinking when I breach the topic of sex, and that’s clear now. These women that participated and just had fun, they get it. They have no need to worry about what someone might think, because they are comfortable 100% with who they are, and that’s meant pretty literally inside and out.

The juxtaposition of the ‘Sex Show fashion show versus the common one is almost an all-encompassing example of what I realized that day. In the world of fashion we are basically taught to keep things straight lace, just look at the rigidity of what is allowed and not in a typical show. Compared to what is sought after, cheered on, and proudly shown off in the fashion shows of the Everything to do with Sex world, also considering the variety of looks and body types, there is no surprise that I found myself resisting the carefree attitude of the patrons and professionals of the ‘Show.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Everything to do with Sex Show, because there is no doubt I left having learned a bit more about the world, and something about myself as well. I stand in awe of these people who wear their sexuality on their sleeve, as it were. We are all but mammals, we are all sexual beings, and it’s a shame that we’ve been taught to keep what feels natural and good to us behind closed doors. But then I guess that’s the real reason why the ‘Sex Show is open to the public, so we can have such experiences in a safe and controlled space with like-minded or at least curious individuals, and hopefully leave with a part of you that was once closed a bit more open, or at least a little less buried within.

In other words: time to start werkin’ this booty.

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