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Chandelier Choes by hallaek
June 25, 2010, 6:22 pm
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(See what I did there?)

The next few posts will probably all have something in common…flaunting my healed ankle! So your ankle never had to heal, whatever, mine’s back and ready to take your ankle down. Downtown. Downtown to work. Anyway, now that I can wear ridiculous shoes I’ll take every chance I get to do so, so basically if I have to dress in order to be not-naked to go in public, there will probably be ridiculous shoes. Unless we’re hiking…in which case I’ll just have to get these. It even says they’re for hiking. Speaking of DSquared though, if you follow Sea of Shoes you definitely saw the DSquared Skeletal beauties, and if you want to know more about them you can read a post I wrote dedicated to their beauty here. I only have so many ideas so I try to spread them equally between the Coco Blog and here so just click the link you lazy git! Sorry, I lost focus when I mentioned hiking in high heels…so back to the ridiculous shoes I own and hiked downtown in. Remember that post ways back I did on the merit of lucite? It was so cleverly named “Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucite“? Well thanks to the Holt Renfrew shoe sale and a mother who loves anything that reminds her of our childhood (these shoes remind her of the Gap Kids’ Jellybellies I had way back in the early 90s in varying colours and styles and one clear pair with glitter, hah!) I was able to acquire these beautiful Prada Lucite Chandelier mules…
P.S. For those of you that have witnessed me trying to pose in sunlight…it happened again. I can’t open my eyes. I blame my weak pupils on sunglasses, trendy little buggers.

Thanks to my sister for taking these pictures, because Mini-Me has many days ahead of her. But really, I’m just helping her learn a skill, right?

Anyway, modern-day Cinderella or what?!

Leaning Tower of Balenciaga by hallaek
June 23, 2010, 9:04 pm
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The ankle is healed (mostly)! It’s still weak…I’ve kinda forgotten how to walk in heels on my left side as a result, but what better way to learn then jumping in feet first. Quite literally. Balenciaga ’07 beauties, with a height of…really super high. A wondrous, wondrous eBay find since the navy is pretty darn hard to find; we have Ashley Olsen to blame for that. I came out of my flat-wearing closet tonight for dinner and an upcoming passion party (we’re waiting impatiently…yes, that kind of party) so Tila initiated a photo shoot on her balcony, ghost chair and all! Oh yeah, plus some of the loot I picked up at the pre-sale at Aritzia, amazing. So Tila, this one’s for you, baby…well, photo cred that is.

Oh the shoes you will see…

“I thought it was glamorous and that I’d meet beautiful women in the rain” by hallaek

It’s raining. I’m supposed to be reading. …I’m not. My ankle is mostly healed, so this means many pictures to come because I’m no longer in a no-heel-wearing-induced-depression. But for now…I spent far too long making this (and it maybe got a bit out of hand):

“You girls are fun! You’re more fun than them.” by hallaek
June 13, 2010, 10:58 pm
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Yes, the quote above is in reference to Tila and myself. Wherever Tila and I go we collect fans…probably because we’re famous princesses. We went to Zelda’s one Saturday night and had the best time ever. I thought for a while about when the last best time would be, but I think “ever” is right; just had that much fun. Zelda’s is both a restaurant and bar, but we’ve only been upstairs to the bar to join in on the drag fun! The Saturday we went we watched some Lady Gaga and much else…but as most fun nights go, they’re not always the easiest to remember in great detail. There was a competition for a sport (that isn’t really a sport) which I somehow set off due to my “Samantha”-esque vibe…it didn’t end well for me, but in my defense I have a twisted ankle and it was a “very fun” night. Tila and I were back-up dancers…found a fourth for our SATC group (which would be how the whole “Samantha” thang came up)…and there may or may not have been some silly “naturist” moments. I’ll leave it at that. And “that” is probably already too much. Whatevah, whatevah, I do what I want! …Sorry.

Speaking of a twisted ankle… After we went to SATC 2 Tila and I hung up (put away) our high heels. We both have twisted ankles. Both left. Both ankles we potentially made worse when we sacrificed them in order to wear high heels to a movie. I know, this is all makes total sense, you totally get where we were coming from. Well ever since we decided that we were bound to flats until our ankles were truly ready we haven’t been too excited to dress up. It’s just not the same without beautiful shoes, and we both have issues finding flats all that exciting. As a result of wearing flats we’ve rebelled (not really…), but I’m naked and Tila sparkles. Actually ever since we’ve been much more sparkly. Yesterday I wore a full sequined sweater to get breakfast…I need my high heels back. Men buy speedy, shiny cars, we hike up our skirts and cover ourselves in sparkle. (Yesterday I saw two sequins go down the drain in the shower, that’s the point I’m at.)

I was wearing a necklace I love, but don’t often wear which I’ve tried to show without showing too much. You know what I mean. It’s apparently an unknown Québécois designer and there’s a bird in a cage and what I think are “jazzy squiggles”. I don’t know what it means or if it means anything, I just like it. I’d wear it in a smoky bar, with a smokey eye and a big hat. I’m sure that scenario will happen one day… (Oh P.S. Got it at The Bead Goes On!) Also, the last picture is from the following Monday when we went back to Zelda’s to play Bingo. Just a regular Monday night…there were some pretty great winnings, not on my part, but on those of others that I won’t go into detail about because it’s naughty. I wore a vintage black pleated, strapless dress that I got for about $20 on Queen street; it’s long enough not to worry about being a lady, but I never feel too covered up in it. Dress love. And I yanked out the LV from when I was 15. I think it works.

Side note: Watching the Tonys…I was ridiculously happy to see the Crane brothers together again. Biggest highlight for me so far. That and Lea Michelle’s performance, but not in a good way. Not in a good way at all… Oh, and now that it’s over: third highlight being the show ending on an infinite string of “Na Na Na Na Na”s. Love the Tonys.

Abudabulous! by hallaek
June 9, 2010, 3:24 pm
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I’m sure by now most of you have seen Sex and the City 2. I’m sure a lot of you thought it was silly. Cause you’re too cool, right? Well to the lot of ya I say “pish”. Sure it was ridiculous, extravagant, fantastical, over-the-top, out-of-this-world, had almost zero plot line, definitely zero conflict, but I loved it. Love. Seen it twice kind of love. Would pick it over the first one kind of love. An intense love. But then again I’m completely content spending time with my girls (yes, those 4) and comparing outfits. (I’m not crazy. We’re besties.) Anyway, I wrote a semi-review for a different blog ways back right after I went to an early screening, it was censored of course, but I’m going to lean on it because I don’t want to be repetitive. That and as I said, most of you have already seen it. Oh yeah, we dressed up. Oh yeah, we’re both wearing high, high shoes. Oh yeah, we both had (and have) twisted ankles. Oh yeah.

You can read what I wrote here: Read what I wrote here! As I said it was censored (I’m just so naughty), but the only part that a) really stands out and that b) I can remember are the two expository sentences that Stanford utters, “Remember that summer I was really into cocaine? This was like that.” Yup, this movie was like that too.

Want to read more of my inspired writing? You do? Here ya go!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ve started going to those crazy early morning boot camps and if there’s no midday nap (for those of you that caught my enraged rampage on the Facebook earlier…I had no midday nap today) so this is all for now. Sparkles, sequins, animals, too-high-heels, bad jokes, bad references, “interesting” stories…and I think that sums up most posts. Ta-da!

DISNEY by hallaek
June 2, 2010, 12:21 am
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Yeah, of the “World” variety. Be jealous. I’ve been there…too many times, but this was Tila’s first time since she was very wee so it was a special couple o’ days. Rode some rides, ate some food, had a princess make-over, the usual. Oh? What? A princess make-over? Does that mean you’re a princess now? It does. So we were the oldest there by a few generations, so the very little girls were staring at us because we had actual boobs (well, one of us) so that must mean we’re real princess, so one of them thought I looked like Cinderella…all part of being committed to princess-dom. Alright, I’ll give it to you straight: “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a beauty salon where little girls are magically transformed into little princesses”. We’re hardly little girls, we’re not girls, we’re certainly not little princesses. But since “everyone’s a kid” in Disney (said the lady at the concierge) we made my mom call and after some discussion, in which I think they tried to talk her out of it, we were in, little or not. Then we get there and find out the oldest “little princess” they ever had was 96. Although I feel like that falls into the realm of so-old-you’re-cute-again or so-old-you’re-treated-like-a-child-again or…okay, you know what I’m getting at. And what I’m getting at is Tila and I are extremely courageous. Heroes. Pioneers. We’ve paved the way for young adults everywhere, perhaps even males. Enough ego for one post, so anyway, I’m also throwing in some random non-princess make-over pictures I think are cute. Cause I’m cute. Like a little princess. Done for real now.

Like the matching outfits? We couldn’t fit into dresses. Now imagine two 20 something girls, dressed the same, with the same hair, matching necklaces and sashes, one of them waving like a princess to young children, following around my poor mother. All day. If your imagination is up to par, whether you know my mom or not (it’s way funnier if you do, though) this is a hilarious image.

(To come: SATC and Drag. All in the life of a princess.)

P.S. Sorry the Disney-taken photos are blurry, I had to steal them via screen shot because I didn’t really feel like paying $14.95 per picture to download them. Ah, Disney…Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, you know.

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