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It’s Binns, bitch. by hallaek
April 10, 2011, 8:58 pm
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Well I “LOL-ed” when I came up with that title, even if you didn’t. (I’m still “LOL-ing”…”LOLzing”…”LOL-ZING”?)
Picture this: I’m on an elliptical (stop laughing), I’m rocking out to Britney Spears (really, stop), and what do I see gracing the chest of the once bald and babysat popstar? One of Tom Binns most gorgeous creations that I have only ever indulged in during my spontaneous collage making. I know a lot of people like Brit, and I don’t really have anything against her, but since when is Britney Spears a fashion icon? Because if that’s what they’re trying to push, it ain’t working. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. And I realize neon is kind of her thing, but this is the only form of neon I find acceptable, why must she ruin it for me?


To think Tila, an avid reader of Mr. Perez’s work, and a less avid listener of me, did not inform me of this Binns-phemy (LOL-ZING). I will say this though, it got me browsing online for the oh so pricey goodies, where I found my new (and yes, oh so pricey) favourite:

via Net-a-Porter


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