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The Bead Goes On by hallaek
April 17, 2010, 9:15 pm
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(And on, and on…) I’ve praised it in two past posts… It got me interested in vintage… It made me love sparkles even more… Now here it is… Inside… THE BEAD GOES ON! (I was trying to sound like an announcer for wrestling or something along those lines. I hope you got it.) On Wednesday Tila and I decided to go for a walk to McDonald’s (shut up) and we somehow ended up at The Bead Goes On (weird…) where we bought quite a bit (we wouldn’t) and I got to take pictures! So really I went for the blog’s sake, nothing to do with the constant want to acquire jewelry. Mmmm, materialism. The owner, Cyndi, was kind enough to let me take pictures in her store of all the goodies that surround every inch. The store is quite small, but that’s the best part because you’re absolutely surrounded by fabulous (and sparkly) items and it also means that at each visit you’ll find something new! Prices are amazing too, most lie between $15-$60 and of course the more snazzy items around $85-$165. There is a green bib necklace (which you’ll see in one of the pictures) which is so enormous, and so sparkly and so fabulous, and even has a pin on the other side of the bib part to secure it which is $350, but in comparison to the nice bibs out right now and the fact that this one is so unique, that’s a fantastic price. Okay, I could go on to describe what I want to buy next and what I’ve bought, but let’s take you in!

Tila got an amazing purple/hot pink necklace which I totally would’ve nabbed if I didn’t have a weird eye clashing issue…I’m not getting into it. Anyway, I’ll have to get some shots of the awesome jewelry, ya know, just in case you need more convincing which I highly, highly doubt. Check it out! Show me your new babies (not real babies, sparkly babies, but if you have an actual sparkly baby I’d look at that too).

P.S. Just started watching 30 Rock and OMG. OMG. WHY DID I JUST START? OMG.

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