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ANIMAL WORLD by hallaek
May 17, 2010, 5:53 pm
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-For those of us who want to take the cat lady trend to the next level.

…I’m obviously kidding. Cause I’m funny. That and I’m not sure if being a cat lady is a trend, not yet at least, I’ll make it big. Anyway, remember that time I was down on the blogging? No, not the first time. Oh, no, not even that other time. The most recent time. Yeah, that time. Well it’s not like I forgot about the blogging world completely, I was still thinking of things to post. I’ve forgotten most, but I remembered one today! (Yay!…) It brings together all the best things in life (minus love and happiness and that lame shit) sparkles, animals, and extravagance. I give you…ANIMAL WORLD by Chopard!

Just the favs...there are more!

It’s for their 150th anniversary and they wanted to do something different and thus brilliance was created. If you read the ‘About’ section they name off some animals not shown on the site, but it’s also been updated since I last looked so keep checking because you never know when you just have to drop $20,000 on a frog prince ring. Don’t worry, $20,000 is just an estimate…I’m sure it costs more than that. Hey, billionaires, give me a call? I swear I’ve got a dazzling personality.

P.S. You can kind of view some of the jewelry not showcased in the ‘Gallery’ section.

P.P.S. Watches too. Much more practical for $20,000, and “manlier”, so my ultra-riche hubby and I can match. (I know, I know, I’m so thoughtful. You’re in love with me already.)


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