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Glamover – It’s like a hangover, but glam by hallaek

No better time than as the holidays approach to relax, spend time with friends, and (if one is of legal age, of course) partake in an alcoholic beverage, or eight. You’re not like all the rest, though. When you go to a holiday party, heads turn. As you weave through the room various people grab your arm, asking where you got that and how you thought to pair velvet with sneakers — you’re just too fabulous, perhaps even for life itself.

So the night ends and you won the eggnog chugging contest, which was easy as you were the sole participant, but what does this tell of the future? Surely the morning after tossing back festive liquor won’t be a nice one, in fact it’ll likely be a naughty one, but either way this isĀ you and you will not partake in this hangover nonsense. There is hope for you, oh breathtakingly cool one, as hangover’s got a new friend: her name is ‘Glamover’ and she is fierce, just like you.

Glam-o-ver (noun):

  1. Ill effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol whilst being fabulous.
  2. A fabulous thing that has survived from the past.

Google definitions don’t lie.

The curse of glamover sufferers is that outsiders assume our morning-after pain is lesser than theirs, which is not true, it just looks better aesthetically. Underneath the sunnies, fur, and jewelry are the deafening moans of a very hungover person.


Make your hangover fab. Make it a glamover.

Pride and the Pacific by hallaek
July 11, 2010, 10:00 pm
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So, first I must start off with a change that I have yet to embrace (even though I made it). Looking through Blogger blogs I noticed that there seemed to be more traffic so I decided I would switch, but it’s scary, new, harder to use and not as pretty. So for now I’ll just simultaneously update both which is fairly easy minus pictures (so much harder and less organized on Blogger…sorry, Blogger). You can check out La Mode Au Naturelle on Blogger and ya know, follow if you happen to have a Google account and I know most people do so what I’m really saying is “Please follow, I’ll be your best friend”. Due to the change I’ve been afraid of blogging because I just can’t let go of WordPress, but we all read the aforementioned solution so here is a combination of two events: the Sunday of Pride and my trip to China in Toronto.

My mother described my pride ensemble as a “Gay Princess” which was exactly what I was going for so yes, it’s a compliment. I did change 20 minutes later, but I basically just added a gold bandeau underneath which was a huge mistake. We go to a bar, bouncer sees bandeau, assumes the shirt over top wasn’t there before and demands I take it off or he’ll pick me up and hold me upside down and that’s where he went into great detail that I don’t think I’ll add-on here…use your imagination. Basically, always stick to the first outfit decision. Then this past Friday I experienced all that China has to offer in Toronto…it was very interesting. Most of it was at Pacific Mall then some strip malls. I got a blinged out phone case (obviously), but that’s as far as that went. Otherwise there was a lot of food and a lot of confusion. Often I just stood there while matters were figured out in Chinese; not to worry, I mastered smiling and nodding knowingly.

The skirt in the last three photos was $5. I just had to throw that in there. And when I wear it I feel all cute and little because of the colour and length. Who needs short skirts that fly up? Not I.

P.S. New fav: TheChicMuse.

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