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So you’ve lost your camera… by hallaek
October 29, 2009, 6:38 pm
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And pretty pink leopard print house key. I loved that camera. All red and shiny. I didn’t have very long with it, I hope wherever it is now it’s getting the love it deserves. I think the worst part is that there were some great pictures of Lauren and I on it and now they’re gone forever…or being used for some naughty purposes by a camera thief…shudder. Lesson 1: If one intends on drinking so much they convince themselves that they are locked inside the club with no possible escape route…don’t bring a camera.

I do have some pictures of some lovely gals left over from my birthday (See “Pose, Damnit!“). It’s getting harder to get pictures of me because most people are keen on posing, but not so keen on sticking around (away from the table with the pitchers) to then take pictures of yours truly. But this weekend is Hallowe’en! So hopefully I’ll get some great pictures of my costumes (taken at home where cameras are safe).

Since I haven’t posted in a while I figure I’ll make this one a biggie (it’s a biggie!) SeaofShoes anyone? Please tell me you’ve started reading it. Go do it now. Anyways the blogger, Jane Aldridge, not only has fabulous shoes, but through reading it you become familiar with some of her favourite items, like this ring…

I have to admit that I am hugely afraid of underwater and the two creatures I loath the most are squids and octopus. They’re creepy and ugly and just all around horrid…but I really like this ring. The designer is Antonio Palladino and the silver ring costs $965.00 and I have no clue for the gold one. I wish it weren’t an octopus, but I’ve been looking at different animal rings and this one is really the nicest. But let’s keep in mind the prices I’m finding are American and I would really rather not spend $1,029.84 on an octopus. So I was on Anthropologie and found this!

$199.37 CAD, baby! And it’s more sparkly! I’m not sure how I feel about the…ugh…tentacles not being so…shudder…dangly. But writing that sentence was hard enough so perhaps this version is a better way for me to go. Oh! I almost forgot! My 20th birthday present, the present to end all presents, I finally got a Chanel bag! I would have pictures with it, but that’s going back to the little red camera story so… I’m calling it my “grown up” bag. One step closer to being a real adult. Look at how much a bag can accomplish! Although I wear the chain as long as possible so I can just throw it around me and not worry about it. You know, go swing and play on monkey bars and jump into piles of leaves…clean leaves. Leather friendly, Chanel leaves, obvi.

There she is!

pose, damnit! by hallaek
October 29, 2009, 6:22 pm
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Here are my pretty girls!

October: Natur-Elle of the Month, Ruth! by hallaek
October 7, 2009, 10:34 pm
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The month of October is a very special month…Thanksgiving, Halloween, (my birthday), and the very first “Natur-Elle” gal! For our first pick we have Ruth who is a good friend of mine, always in looks that not only work for her, but that make me want to go home and try the same thing, ridiculously funny and extremely talented. I think she really embodies all that I would like this blog to be about. She is currently playing Columbia in our school’s production of The Rocky Horror Show and is great with everyone, obviously she’s got the pipes and acting skills to carry this role easily, but the cast already seems to love her and she’s always ready to do whatever is asked of her. Today we blocked a scene where she was basically just a big creep in the corner and she was so into it every time we ran even though she only had 2 words in the whole scene, it was great! I could rave about Ruth for a few pages so before that happens… Here’s her interview and pictures that were taken throughout last week!

The interview with our “Natur-Elle”, Ruth:

How important is fashion to you?

“‘Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’

-Oscar Wilde

When it comes to style, [I think] it’s more important to wear what is appropriate for your location. If I were going to show up for a professional job interview I’d pull out a blazer, but if I was going tree planting…like I so often do…I’d probably pull something different out of my closet. I like dressing to impress because I think it gives people a good first impression. That’s not to say that I think everyone needs to be “fashionable” at all times, [just] dress everyday like you’ll be murdered in those clothes.

[There’s] also … a very sentimental aspect to fashion. When we were kids we dressed up to pretend we were somebody else. T he clothes I choose to wear … now that I’m 20 still allow me to use my imagination and put on a character. Fashion can be very uplifting in this way and can inspire the same confidence in me that I had when I was a child. ”

What in your closet can you not live without?

“A light grey cashmere sweater from Club Monaco.”

What incited you to become interested in fashion?

“Honestly? … An all girls high school, the movie Clueless, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, [and] Barbie …”

What is your favorite trend right now? Of all time?

“I love when tends are reminiscent of the 30’s and 40’s. High wasted skirts, red lip stick…etc.”

What was your worst fashion choice? Elaborate…

“Modrobes…no elaboration necessary.”

Are there any high fashion pieces that you covet?

“Christian Louboutin shoes… black ones.”

Favorite designer/store? How do you feel about designer labels as opposed to everyday brands?

“Chanel. Hands down. When and if I can ever afford extravagantly expensive things, I will head straight for Chanel. I think it’s an Audrey Hepburn thing.

In terms of how I feel [about designer labels] … I think a white t-shirt should cost the same across the board, there is no need for a Marc Jacobs t-shirt to cost an arm and a leg. But I like seeing plain outfits accessorized with designer brands from now and then. Unless it is the Louis Vuitton pattern. For some reason I have a really big problem with the Louis Vuitton pattern.”

What’s your take on the fashion industry generally only using extremely thin girls?

“’To ask women to become unnaturally thin is to ask them to relinquish their sexuality’

-Naomi Wolf”

I Bedazzle. by hallaek
October 6, 2009, 9:44 pm
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No “Natur-Elle” post yet, the interview is being a’okayed and such by our gal! So what for now? Bedazzling. Not with a bedazzler, don’t worry. I am in no way condoning the commercials with the bedazzler guns that then cut to images of completely rhinestoned jeans and cowboy hats, but my electronics are in no way safe. We all remember when the young starlets out there sent their phones and ipods away to be covered in Swarovski crystals

So not just starlets...

Well I never got over it. I just really, really like sparkly things. If I could be covered in sequins everyday that would be fine by me…but my life is not a Golden Age musical and people would stare. So I self-bedazzle my phone and ipod. There was a time when I had a Razr phone and I covered it completely in this great pattern…it was beautiful. It of course fell apart, and then I lost the phone so good thing I did it myself and didn’t spend thousands on having it sent in; as if that would ever happen. I got a bit wiser, covering the sparklies in clear nail polish. Then one day I went into a Michaels and there were pre-made lines and things and sparkly letters! So…

Whatever man, Whitney Port does it too!

Bedazzled Pot!

Winter in October… by hallaek
October 4, 2009, 5:31 pm
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It hs been f-f-freezing! Oh, and our heater broke. Of course that meant we had to have a snuggle fest to keep warm…I wish. It was not the best weekend for taking pictures, I feel like I just never had any down time. Okay, no down time until now. So of course instead of sleeping, or working, I’m watching TV and blogging. Good job, me. We had our very first Sunday Rocky rehearsal today…yowza. I had no clue how much jumping around directors did, I definitely learned a lot about every past director I have ever had. It was a lot of fun though, it’s so much fun just getting to run around and (especially with a show like Rocky) be ridiculously silly and obscene and loud. Lots of fun. I may lose my voice in the very near future to which I say “psha”. And I’ve had a new thought about my sexy cast, profiles…in costume! Because those costumes are going to be amazing, the costume designer is just…wow. Big wow. Wow. So I guess I don’t have any funny stories or interesting tidbits to share, but tomorrow I enter my last week as a teenager so I’ll have to fill up on the funny and silly before I’m far too old (20) to behave that way. Yeah, right.

Now pour les photos! I have to admit that I slacked a bit this weekend, but hopefully my “Natur-Elle of the Month” post tomorrow will redeem me. Matty was in town this weekend and having seen the blog was only too eager to get his pose on…actually, there was a bit of a pose off between the boys, but Matty was the most focused. He took his posing very seriously, and I think it shows. I know you will too.

“Supermodels who aren’t superthin” by hallaek
October 1, 2009, 5:06 pm
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This is another photo-less post, but I just had an urge to share this with you. If you read my very first post this blog was incited by my obsession with fashion blogs over the summer, my own curvy body and how I deal with fashion, and Lizzie Miller (aka “the woman on page 194”). She appeared in Glamour Magazine 2 months ago in a small photo and there was such a huge and positive reaction that the November issue is showcasing several “plus size” models. I am currently watching an interview on Ellen with these models and have just received quite a shock. According to the “industry” anyone over a size 6 is considered plus size. Wow. This may not mean much to men reading this, but women think about that. Think about your friends, family, enemies, or just the people you see on the street! Now I’m not anti-fashion industry or anti-models or anti-what have you, but I can honestly say that there is not one female I know who has never told me that she’s “fat”. In fact, for most it’s an everyday topic. Can’t eat that, can’t show this, can’t wear that…we have a lot of “can’t”s for ourselves. I try as best I can not to fall into those patterns, but it’s just not possible. I go into a store and see a stick thin mannequin wearing something absolutely fabulous, I express interest, a sales associate tries to show me where it is so I can try it on and my response? “Oh, no. I couldn’t wear that…” So I don’t try it on, and usually when I get into that mind set I don’t end up trying anything on and just mope around the store avoiding mirrors. And I know it’s not just me. I’ve been the moping girl, I’ve been with the moping girl, I’ve seen the moping girl and as a sales associate I’ve been the one who tries to help the moping girl. But maybe what we’re seeing on the catwalk and in the magazines is a revolution. Perhaps in a few years time we won’t need to showcase normal girls on Ellen and in special November issues because it will be everywhere… 0924-these-bodies-look-good-at-every-size

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