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January 9, 2010, 9:09 pm
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It’s been a while. It has also been exams, break, Christmas, New Years, Rocky, so I have a bunch of excuses…always with the excuses. I had quite a good Christmas (followed by 3 days of shopping so a good extended Christmas, some nice gems). Got really lazy with the camera and lazy in general, but I did manage to acquire a few pictures. I still want to do an animal accessory post, and with QMT’s The Rocky Horror Show opening on Wednesday I’m hoping to have some pretty outfits that will also warrant a fabulous post. Maybe even get some shots of our very sexy costumes to post after the show closes! Do I have any amusing stories? No. Not a very exciting break, although after spending the last 4 days in a theatre I’m finding pretty much everything hilarious so I’m sure I’ll have some great sleep deprived stories soon. I tried to wear more colour this break, I planned on doing a “challenge” but…lazy…you know. It was also far easier to work colour in for a reason that is very evident in the pictures.

Oh, and remember that MuchMusic VJ thang and I made people watch things and just wouldn’t stop pushing them…here’s an even better one! It’s a segment on our Rocky Horror Show! Watch it then buy tickets! And dress up! Who hasn’t thought about dressing in drag?

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