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November 30, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Let’s not beat around the bush here: the blog has been at the back of my mind and I wish I felt more pressure, but alas… I’ve never really been too busy before, fairly busy, but never mandatory class attendance + actually wanting to do well on assignments busy. Who knew how tiring it was to try (even a little bit) at school? Not I. Shows, and dance, and rehearsal are tiring, but school tiring – why did no one ever warn me about it? I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. Or skipped it. But that was the old me. The new me attends class (on time – mostly), puts a fair amount of effort into homework, takes notes, and even participates. It’s pretty weird.
But I refuse to lose a month on those archives to your left, so here we go.

The Sultan’s Tent. Belly dancing, drapey decor, little hut things which apparently we needed a reservation to sit under, but that was a silly fib. It was pretty cool, but definitely a one-time and done deal. That’s all I really have to say about it, plus some pictures.
My shorts are from Reflections Vintage & Antiques which has a “drag” room in the back covered with sequins. It’s like walking into Galinda’s (or Glinda’s) brain. I know, pretty cool. They came in a set with a matching crop top which I only wear together when I’m a certain alter ego, but we are not going to discuss that right now. You know what, I’ll save you the anticipation, that’s the first and last mention of said alter ego. They’re a weird length and definitely get stares, but what the hey, I usually reach almost 6′ in most of my too-high heels which turns quite a few heads so I might as well give them a Bermuda-short-length of patterned sparkle to stare at.





P.S. Have y’all checked out Google’s amazing new site yet? I’ve only posted it on my wall TWICE. Let’s talk Boutiques.com. If you liked ShopStyle, you’ll love Boutiques. Why? Because they actually found everything! They have scoured the net to find anything your little heart could desire (basically). Sure, sizes are hit and miss and sometimes it’s a tease, but when you find Proenza Schouler booties from Fall ’09 in a size 7.5, you fall in love with the site.

P.P.S. Yo, AWang, still waiting on these. Anytime now.


P.P.P.S. Check her out. But actually. Do you love Toronto? Do you love sparkles? Do you love dresses? You love Cara Cheung.

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