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There are going to be a lot of pictures in this post and basically no writing – for me, that is. I feel like most people don’t read my (witty) banter. I’m pretty sure of it…. Okay, I know it y’all. So, if you want to read my (witty) banter you can find it here. This is redundant for those of you that clicked the link, but for the rest of you: I’m now the fashion blogger for my school. Hopefully there’s no censoring (of my wit) like at the last not-my-own-blog-where-I-can-ramble blogging position. I’m fairly sure there won’t be, my ‘boss’ is hella cool. Yeah, hella. I’d tell you why, but that wouldn’t make me hella cool now, would it?

Anyway, it’s been too hot to wear anything besides nothing and I’ve been too busy to care. Here are some pictures I’ve taken that I like.
Things I see in my bedroom & some shots from my school’s photo shoot for our term’s magazine, FMQ.

bird bud


mine, cruz.

bff necklace

sexy beast

manolos & no name

jenny from the block

i spy hooves

fmq shoot prep

designer at work

aodt designed

more product


the talent


Why do something now that you can do at the last possible minute? by hallaek
March 31, 2011, 7:22 pm
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That’s pretty much my motto. I’ve been the biggest slacker in a long time lately and it’s seeping into everything. That and Toronto’s wonderful weather as of late (I can mean that either as: a) it’s been horrible for so long or b) thank goodness it’s finally looking up now) have been either a) depressing or b) distracting. See, a good slacker can explain any actions, usually defending one’s laziness. Anyway, as some of you know I like the archives at the side to be complete, so here I am posting on the last day of March. Yup.

Moving on, I’ve snapped some photos of my living room. Visitors always comment so why not bring some of my interior to the web for even more commentary of whatever sort. Currently my living room is the most complete style-wise. If my condo were a home design show (and for those of you home design show buffs), the reason for my bedroom being incomplete, in that the stylistic focus-wall is still bare, it is due to the fact that we were shocked with concrete walls and the shelving ended up being a huge project/ordeal. Thus, money was taken from the wallpaper budget and used on the shelving budget. That is such a scenario for Property Brothers or Love It Or List It. (Right?)

The lucky ones in their glass home.

Great reads.




The original (and salvaged) animal lamp.

He's watching you.

I’ll be showcasing all the forgotten shoes. You know, hopefully.

P.S. CHECK THIS OUT. But actually do, please. It’s my friend and her special friend’s blog called “His, Hers and Theirs” and it gives the he vs. she perspective, it’s a very funny read.

BAM! NYE by hallaek
January 9, 2011, 2:43 pm
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Okay, first, let’s talk BAM.

the girls

BAM! is the online reality video series I’ll be partaking in for the next month along with three other girls for the blog She Does The City. We were each sent a Kodak PlayTouch with which we’ll each shoot four videos (one a week) which correspond with four different themes, and no more than two minutes in length per video. I am currently piecing together mine and changing things on the fly…hopefully I’ll get the hang of this by the next one, or the next, but probably the last one.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: YOU. That’s right, get your voting index finger ready to click lots for me! (Please.) Viewers will vote on each video and at the end of it all the girl with the most votes wins $1000. I’m not too confident about the grand (the other girls definitely have high cool factors), but I’ve got…Tila.

Ain't she pretty

Trusty blog photographer Tila turned into trusty camera holder Tila. We’ve hit some bumps, and done millions of re-shoots because we’re scatterbrains and thus easily distracted (especially when Say Yes to The Dress is on), but mostly because this is fairly foreign to us. Sure, we take the random video in Disney World waiting for the bus and discussing our celebrity, but I feel like this is different…though not by much. Anyway, please vote, I’ll try my hardest not to be annoying and if I fail then I guess you can hit me or something, but not hard just enough to release a smidgen of frustration.

For now you can go to She Does The City to read our profiles and on Thursday, January 13th our first videos will be up so voting begins! Videos will always go up on Thursdays, so you should probably get out your red marker and calendar now and start circling.

For now, some super NYE pictures. It was my comfiest New Years ever, heels included, thanks to hemlines that hit my ankles. And those boots…those boots…my heart still skips a beat whenever I see them in my bedroom. Thank you, YSL and Holt Renfrew shoe sale.




check out my aquarium



And one last time: BAM!

BFF w/ AWANG by hallaek
July 21, 2010, 5:20 pm
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I’m not usually big on acronyms or abbreviations (minus “obvi” and “def”…I’m still human), but Alexander Wang brings it out of me, mostly because I wish my name could be transformed into something that looks as cool as: AWANG. Mine would be…HKHOS. Mine kind of looks like a disease, or a global organization that’s secretly (or not so secretly) corrupt and therefore evil. Yup, sounds about right.
Moving on, AWANG was at HR (Holt Renfrew, not Human Resources) and ‘obvi’ myself and a bunch of wannabe bloggers grabbed our greatest and darkest and dashed on over. Just so you know, when I say “darkest” I am referring to clothing and it is not in any way linking back to the evil mentioned earlier. I actually wrote a blog post all about Wang, his Holt’s visit and his designs elsewhere which you can read here so I don’t have to work any harder than I have to; God knows blog writing is tough. I was joined by my fabulous friend, Cat. We went to school together then she went off to become a make-up artist supreme, which she most definitely is. Even before she became pro her make-up was always amazing, she has some serious skillz. Yes, skillz.

The meeting. Time started moving slower as we approached Alexander (or Alex as we, his BFFs, now call him), it’s as if the world knew that this was a moment to be savoured. My body froze up, I had to concentrate on moving one heavy wedge wearing foot before the other. My breathing quickened, I could feel sweat forming on my forehead and then I heard the words I had been aching to hear “Hi.” …Okay, it was nothing like that. But maybe it was and I was too delirious to remember…okay, that’s not true either. Cat went up and stood on the left which was a big change as everyone stood on the right, but she wanted to show her good side, and who doesn’t? I stood on the right when I went up, because I’m a sheep. We each took each others’ picture, I slipped in a “P.S. The new boots are fabulous!” cause I’m suave like that and then it was over. Things we did get to see: he took off his sweater to an eyeful of tummy and Calvin Klein tighty whities, and he practically ran into Cat in the shoe section when he was going to the washroom. Hello!

As you can see we had a bit of a photo shoot after Alexander Wang had left, but who can expect any less when a tent is set up with a TV inside? Our story? Models at fashion week. I think it comes across crystal clear. And when I say “My boots” I do mean it; coming to a blog near you this October!

Chandelier Choes by hallaek
June 25, 2010, 6:22 pm
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(See what I did there?)

The next few posts will probably all have something in common…flaunting my healed ankle! So your ankle never had to heal, whatever, mine’s back and ready to take your ankle down. Downtown. Downtown to work. Anyway, now that I can wear ridiculous shoes I’ll take every chance I get to do so, so basically if I have to dress in order to be not-naked to go in public, there will probably be ridiculous shoes. Unless we’re hiking…in which case I’ll just have to get these. It even says they’re for hiking. Speaking of DSquared though, if you follow Sea of Shoes you definitely saw the DSquared Skeletal beauties, and if you want to know more about them you can read a post I wrote dedicated to their beauty here. I only have so many ideas so I try to spread them equally between the Coco Blog and here so just click the link you lazy git! Sorry, I lost focus when I mentioned hiking in high heels…so back to the ridiculous shoes I own and hiked downtown in. Remember that post ways back I did on the merit of lucite? It was so cleverly named “Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucite“? Well thanks to the Holt Renfrew shoe sale and a mother who loves anything that reminds her of our childhood (these shoes remind her of the Gap Kids’ Jellybellies I had way back in the early 90s in varying colours and styles and one clear pair with glitter, hah!) I was able to acquire these beautiful Prada Lucite Chandelier mules…
P.S. For those of you that have witnessed me trying to pose in sunlight…it happened again. I can’t open my eyes. I blame my weak pupils on sunglasses, trendy little buggers.

Thanks to my sister for taking these pictures, because Mini-Me has many days ahead of her. But really, I’m just helping her learn a skill, right?

Anyway, modern-day Cinderella or what?!

Leaning Tower of Balenciaga by hallaek
June 23, 2010, 9:04 pm
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The ankle is healed (mostly)! It’s still weak…I’ve kinda forgotten how to walk in heels on my left side as a result, but what better way to learn then jumping in feet first. Quite literally. Balenciaga ’07 beauties, with a height of…really super high. A wondrous, wondrous eBay find since the navy is pretty darn hard to find; we have Ashley Olsen to blame for that. I came out of my flat-wearing closet tonight for dinner and an upcoming passion party (we’re waiting impatiently…yes, that kind of party) so Tila initiated a photo shoot on her balcony, ghost chair and all! Oh yeah, plus some of the loot I picked up at the pre-sale at Aritzia, amazing. So Tila, this one’s for you, baby…well, photo cred that is.

Oh the shoes you will see…

“I thought it was glamorous and that I’d meet beautiful women in the rain” by hallaek

It’s raining. I’m supposed to be reading. …I’m not. My ankle is mostly healed, so this means many pictures to come because I’m no longer in a no-heel-wearing-induced-depression. But for now…I spent far too long making this (and it maybe got a bit out of hand):

Play-date activities by hallaek
May 15, 2010, 12:47 pm
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I get bored easy. I don’t have a job. I do have an internship, and I’m doing a show, and classes, and have started dance and working out (woah), and I do shop quite a bit, but those who get bored easily know. All it takes is 20 minutes of nothing and I start whining to Tila via text messages. So apparently her and Christianne started brainstorming activities for me which ended up on a website with lists of what to do with kids during the day. I would be slightly offended, if I didn’t think most of the activities sounded like fun. Day 1: Bata Shoe Museum. I’ve been there many, many, many times (back when I was an actual “kid” and my parents would split time between the different museums and zoos and let me run around, all around, really, really fast!) My moms for the day…they’re not going to like that…had never been. Remember the first time you knew something that your parents didn’t? And how proud you were because they’re adults and you’re still little? Yeah, it was like that.

My moms (teehee) think they’re really casual, and us kids always want to make our parents happy, so the captions are casually for them, casually.

I had just come from an interview which is why I’m dressed that way, but those shoes are actually pretty comfortable except for the heel on the right foot is a bit weak so after a while it rubs, nothing Dr. Scholl’s can’t fix! Speaking of shoes, heard back from Miu Miu and those shoes from the last post are beautiful indeed, but our love affair may be put on hold. They are extremely expensive and there’s no trying and seeing and potentially returning, and I can’t justify spending that much on shoes I’ve never seen in person or been able to try on. Give me a shout if you see them on sale or for realsy? Great.

In the mean time, nOir Jewelry has some new ring styles up, and they’re very affordable. But which one? So conflicted…

Decisions, Decisions...

Perhaps convince Mom she should get the baby one (whole OBGYN thang) get the dog for my dog and then…well you see where I’m going with this. It’s like world domination. With rings.

P.S. I mean it this time, what should I name new cat bracelet animal friend?

P.P.S. Look! How cool! Chanel Hand Ring!

The Salvaged Post by hallaek
May 11, 2010, 11:48 pm
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It’s not unknown that I have bad luck, or weird luck, or funny luck…in fact some of you know my theory about why bad/weird/funny things happen to me. This is not one of those moments. It’s just dumb, or silly, or kooky. (Words x 3 seems to be a theme already…I’m holding back synonyms.) Anyway, pictures taken then pictures lost then spirit broken. Boo. But the post will have pictures! Salvaged ones! Are they great? No. Will you live? Yes. Unless you don’t, sorry. Remember the Razza elephant necklace from ways back? Well, I traded him for a lion. I have too many elephants, besides I’m more like a big cat, right? You’ll see our new friend the lion in the following pictures (all three of them) and perhaps a dress repeat…salvaged! I’m sorry!

Now comes the filler! I like animals (no, really?) so here are two of my favourite pictures that I will one day recreate when I own a zoo, or a farm, or break into either/or.

Animals + Celebs + Pretty

Next up! I ache for these (in the pale pink/nude):


Miu Miu‘s latest. I actually saw them on ebay in International Sales because they have yet to hit North American stores. Called up NYC, I may or may not be on some sort of magical-studded-platform-loafer-shoe list. But you have to see the colour I’m talking about. Holy God. Yeah, I get excited about shoes a lot, but I haven’t been this excited since the Meow Meows, so a big thank you to the designers at Miu Miu. I’ll send them a thank you…in the form of money…in return for shoes.

Now onto something that has been on my mind: I’ve been very caught up in accessories, and names, and wanting (which is not going to change so if you don’t want to embrace materialism move on blog-reader), but I feel like perhaps I’ve lost some of why I originally started this. I still post pictures of myself as an obviously curvier girl embracing fashion, but pictures of other gals that don’t fit into the “model” cookie cutter (that most bloggers fall into) who also embrace fashion have been lacking. Why? Lack of organization…laziness…shyness? All of the above. My short, curvy, proud, and fashion lovin’ gal pals make more than one appearance because they like to pose, know they have to if I say so, and I spend a lot of time with them. Hell, they might as well be contributors. So…what am I trying to say? I still think fashion doesn’t have a size requirement. I still think it’s about how you make fashion what you want it to be for you (which should always be fun). And I’m going to try my darndest to get some fresh meat, but if you want on, just let me know, sistah!

Now, watch the best dancing I’ve seen in a while, next three very funny sketches (I’m sure the other two are in the sidebar), and then holy-talent, this guy is amazing (also go to sidebar for the rest of his amazing videos). Sorry if you’ve seen these before, late post, it’s me…but now you’ve been reminded of how great YouTube can be. (“Can be”, not “Is”.)

Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucite by hallaek
April 11, 2010, 12:02 am
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Strippers. Hookers. I know, save it. Here’s how I see it. Lady Gaga goes to the airport like this:

I know. Too fabulous, I wish I had the guts to do that. But since I do not shouldn’t I attempt it in a smaller scale? A clear, plastic-y, and often bejeweled scale? Behold! Prada Lucite!

It’s different, and weird, and dare I say taboo? So, really, they’re pretty awesome…right? Lady Gaga-esque…Trendster…Futuristic…Costumey…Thoughts?

(P.S. I say “Thoughts?” but I mean “Please, agree with me.”)

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