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April 13, 2010, 5:57 pm
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My last drama formal. It really hasn’t hit me since I haven’t moved out yet, but I’m sure it will all come flooding in once that day comes. For now, let’s take a look at everyone’s (okay, my) favourite thing: sparkles. We showed up late to the dance, and were very sparkly, and made quite the entrance…it was kind of embarrassing, but apparently “fabulous” so I’ll take it! As you’ll see my dress and shoes aren’t the easiest things to dance in, but we still ripped it up. And by “ripped it up” I mean were completely ridiculous and had partner swapping and a chair and interpretive dance…the rhythm definitely got us. Good one, me. I’m full of great jokes lately, I’m thinking of doing stand-up. Or not. I wore a vintage dress from Starling in Kingston and the fav new YSL heels. Tight and high = totally comfortable, for sure. I’m also throwing in two random photos that I find funny, and if you remember back to that stand-up thing a few words ago… I need to stop. Okay. Pictures.

Our man of the night really wanted to try out his model moves and I think he did a great job, it just had to be showcased. And aren’t the last two photos funny? We had to incorporate song, dance, poetry, mime and speech into a presentation that had an encompassing theme and mine was obviously sparkles. It was really just an excuse to wear that many shiny/glittery things at the same time without anyone questioning it. Mission accomplished. And I just really liked the photo of me dancing because it seems to be happening in my photos more lately, that and I love that dress.

I’ve been on an animal buying kick lately and have bought two Razza pieces in the past 24 hours. I’ve only found sites that showcase the zodiac series since it’s the most popular, but you can find much more of it on ebay. Who doesn’t love that? For the most part the prices are great which makes me think that give it a while and they’ll start to raise so if you like what you see, bid now. These are the two new members of the family (live photos to come when they arrive):

Razza Elephant

I’m very excited to wear this guy, the pendant is huge. There’s a lion that’s similar that seems to be calling my name, or roaring my name.

Razza Hatching Chick

Next is my hatching chick which I don’t think is as pretty, but it’s so darn cute! It also looks a lot better on a gold chain…like mine…will be. I’m pretty excited to name them. (Don’t judge me.) I also got really lucky with the elephant purchase, the woman who sold it to me on ebay is an animal accessory-aholic like me and we’ve been going back and forth about her amazing collection so I’m sure the family is bound to grow quite a bit very soon. I wonder if I still have all those Playmobil cages…I can make a zoo! There are cat ladies, then there’s me…and I’m also a quasi-cat lady. Oh no. I also found some very pretty, very expensive animal jewelry, but that’s another post! So for now, check out Razza! Find your special zodiac pendant!

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I don’t know when you posted this, but GET the Lion pendant by Razza! A friend gave me one, that a friend had asked HER to hold onto (later, her friend passed away, and so hence I ended up with it — not my friend’s style…) — and whenever I wear it, I have people wanting – nay, begging – to buy it off me.

Until today, I had not seen another, but had heard about others of the same “lion” necklace. Many thought is was Aslan, from “Wardrobe” book/movie series, but I didn’t believe that to be true.

There are a few different looking Lions for sale on FeeBay, and I think on Esty, and if you dig around, sure you can find some other locations.

Today I purchased the Elephant, and it is a bit different, with still the same WOW factor. I’d love to purchase on of the RAM ones – the one with the horns going in a “U” shape, not the curled ones (seen in both black face and white-ish face). But, alas, that one seems to have a hefty price on it 🙂

Best of luck — love the “bling” — and I didn’t even know it was famous, as the designer name had been taken off, for some reason…. but, it is most assuredly Razza’s Leo/ Lion….

Peace… Blessed Be


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