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Loves:…Animal Accessories by hallaek
December 11, 2009, 8:48 pm
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Sure, it’s a new love. So I’m making sure I hardcore it. (Hardcore as a verb.) I’ve talked about Christopher Ross, Charo, there was that amazing Koala mum & baby ring and now I have finally visited the site I meant to visit about 5 weeks ago, but only remembered to while in the hair dresser’s today. The site? nOir Jewelry. Les pièces de résistance? Jewel encrusted animal rings! These are a few of my favs:

I was pretty tempted to get Fig, but although it’s a pretty out of this world ring, I don’t think I would wear it too much. So I ordered this one (as Santa) for myself:

She (yes, it’s a she) has these cute little cartoon-ish eyes and a pearl at the end of her trunk, just too adorable. So far it looks like come the 25th I’ll have a zoo wrapped up under the Christmas tree…wear all the animal accessories together and I could play out stories with them on train rides to and from Kingston. Or not. Definitely not. I hate toys…

Whatever, man! I’ll name them all! Charo, Goldie…and friends! Maybe they’ll make friends with the miniatures on my friends’ blog, Little Selves. Hopefully Charo won’t hunt and eat any of them. Okay, this has already gone too far. The weekend starts tomorrow so I’ll start wearing clothes that are blog worthy (hopefully) and have some new pictures on here pronto (unless I lose another camera).

Animalady out.

Trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful by hallaek
December 10, 2009, 3:50 pm
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…That title is just too appropriate for (most) of the following photos. Oh, but I also found this: “Not like a hooker but more like a Princess”. Akon has such a way with words. The princess line was a very close second, but we don’t want prissy people getting their panties in a bunch over “hooker”…although they probably got their panties in a bunch over that whole “panties in a bunch” line…one more time, pantiesss.

Okay, it’s out of my system, onto the panties pictures! (Gotcha!) We finally had our “official” Rocky Horror party, in hand with costumes, so you can just guess what the pictures of these sexy ladies are going to look like. Somehow two more normal pictures have worked their way into the mix, but I had no where else to place them, so deal with it. Obviously Charo will be making an appearance and will continue to run this site until after Christmas (right, Santa?)

P.S. If you clicked the link above you’ll see our new website, if not here is again: Rocky Horror Show!

P.P.S. I apologize for the stupid faces I have in both my pictures, it was not a photogenic weekend for me, I’ve deleted all other evidence. Take that, paparazzi! (Yeah, right…)


Come See Rocky!

December: Natur-Elle of the Month, Christianne! by hallaek
December 3, 2009, 12:10 am
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Did I skip November? Yes. Did I have good reasons as to why? Yes. Will I tell you? No. Enh, why not. Very simple really, by the time I acquired a working camera and got all the pictures it was pretty much December. Besides who really likes November anyways? What’s it really good for? Back at TFS we had a week off, but don’t get that luxury now. We do Thanksgiving (properly) in October, so no holiday. And really the entire month is spent waiting for Christmas…for most people, at least the December break. Enough of the December rant, on to our Natur-Elle!

Meet Christianne. I think the picture pretty much says it all. Just wait until you read her interview, she’s a wild child. Christianne is in Rocky as a phantom and dance captain. She joined a bit late, but came right into the rehearsal room and one of the first things I remember her saying was “Okay guys, how about we run that again?” Music to my ears, and serious dance captain material. She’s been the love of my life since and we’re expecting our first singing, dancing, acting, fashion-ing, eating, drinking, slacking (off) child anytime now. I’m so glad she has started to do shows here because she always has the right attitude and knows what has to go down in rehearsal, I’m seriously impressed. And did I mention she rather spend all her money on clothes then suffer…but suffer in nice clothing? You can see why I like her.

The interview with our “Natur-Elle”, Christianne:

(Scroll down for pictures!)

How important is fashion to you?

On an average day, I would say I spend at least 50% of the day in clothes, right? So, I would have to say, yeah, fashion is fucking important.
I know, it sounds superficial to say, but that hardly makes me a bad person.

Fashion is definitely more important than most people would like to admit.

Personally, my style changes everyday. How I look lets everyone know how I’m feeling that day, whether it be diva-esque, ghetto-fab or just plain old crazy. I am influenced by what I see on TV, old movies and on the racks of value village. However, I’m also inspired by the styles of my friends, bold colours and art.

What in your closet can you not live without?

My grandmother’s black sequined cut-off tube top from the 80’s, she passed this down to me along with a gold halter-top made entirely of tiny metal pieces, extremely heavy, but so sick.

What incited you to become interested in fashion?

A mixture of things, but when I was an itty bitty, I spent a lot of time playing dress up. I would put on my grandmother’s black Ferragamo heels, her vintage Valentino sunglasses and one of my many princess dresses. I would then dress up my Barbie to match. We were an unstoppable pair, except when Ken would choose to marry Raggedy Anne instead of us. Seriously, what an asshole.

What is your favorite trend right now? Of all time?

Right now, I really like Lady Gaga, who in my mind sets a trend of her own called CRAZY!!!
My favourite trend of all time would have to be super high heels; beautiful to look at, but torturous to wear.

What was your worst fashion choice? Elaborate…

… Baby Phat shoes. White leather with accents of taupe alligator skin to make ‘em really POP. Yikes.

Are there any high fashion pieces that you covet?

A kelly green chiffon dress (crystal belt around the natural waist) by Alexander McQueen in his 2005/06 winter collection.

Favorite designer/store? How do you feel about designer labels as opposed to everyday brands?

Currently, Alexander McQueen. Not only does he present some of the most gorgeous clothes, but he does it with such creativity and grace. However, I will always appreciate Yves Saint Laurent and his impeccable gowns.
To be honest, I don’t own a lot of actual name brands, instead I am a definite thrift shopper. This includes taking trips to value village, raiding my dad’s closet and making use of my grandmother’s beautiful vintage gear.

What’s your take on the fashion industry generally only using extremely thin girls?

Everyone is built differently. If a girl pops out and grows up to be nearly 6 feet, 100 pounds and gorgeous, well good for them! Born to be a model, right? Beauty is obviously important when it comes to modelling, but who is to say that a bigger body isn’t a beautiful one? As a society we get to dictate what is considered the ‘norm’. In a perfect world every type of body could be showcased without question. Short, ultra-tall, curvy… what I’m really trying to say is that I wished that a girl weighing 130 pounds on the runway wasn’t considered plus size.

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