I wear black

Chandelier Choes by hallaek
June 25, 2010, 6:22 pm
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(See what I did there?)

The next few posts will probably all have something in common…flaunting my healed ankle! So your ankle never had to heal, whatever, mine’s back and ready to take your ankle down. Downtown. Downtown to work. Anyway, now that I can wear ridiculous shoes I’ll take every chance I get to do so, so basically if I have to dress in order to be not-naked to go in public, there will probably be ridiculous shoes. Unless we’re hiking…in which case I’ll just have to get these. It even says they’re for hiking. Speaking of DSquared though, if you follow Sea of Shoes you definitely saw the DSquared Skeletal beauties, and if you want to know more about them you can read a post I wrote dedicated to their beauty here. I only have so many ideas so I try to spread them equally between the Coco Blog and here so just click the link you lazy git! Sorry, I lost focus when I mentioned hiking in high heels…so back to the ridiculous shoes I own and hiked downtown in. Remember that post ways back I did on the merit of lucite? It was so cleverly named “Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucite“? Well thanks to the Holt Renfrew shoe sale and a mother who loves anything that reminds her of our childhood (these shoes remind her of the Gap Kids’ Jellybellies I had way back in the early 90s in varying colours and styles and one clear pair with glitter, hah!) I was able to acquire these beautiful Prada Lucite Chandelier mules…
P.S. For those of you that have witnessed me trying to pose in sunlight…it happened again. I can’t open my eyes. I blame my weak pupils on sunglasses, trendy little buggers.

Thanks to my sister for taking these pictures, because Mini-Me has many days ahead of her. But really, I’m just helping her learn a skill, right?

Anyway, modern-day Cinderella or what?!

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