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Play-date activities by hallaek
May 15, 2010, 12:47 pm
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I get bored easy. I don’t have a job. I do have an internship, and I’m doing a show, and classes, and have started dance and working out (woah), and I do shop quite a bit, but those who get bored easily know. All it takes is 20 minutes of nothing and I start whining to Tila via text messages. So apparently her and Christianne started brainstorming activities for me which ended up on a website with lists of what to do with kids during the day. I would be slightly offended, if I didn’t think most of the activities sounded like fun. Day 1: Bata Shoe Museum. I’ve been there many, many, many times (back when I was an actual “kid” and my parents would split time between the different museums and zoos and let me run around, all around, really, really fast!) My moms for the day…they’re not going to like that…had never been. Remember the first time you knew something that your parents didn’t? And how proud you were because they’re adults and you’re still little? Yeah, it was like that.

My moms (teehee) think they’re really casual, and us kids always want to make our parents happy, so the captions are casually for them, casually.

I had just come from an interview which is why I’m dressed that way, but those shoes are actually pretty comfortable except for the heel on the right foot is a bit weak so after a while it rubs, nothing Dr. Scholl’s can’t fix! Speaking of shoes, heard back from Miu Miu and those shoes from the last post are beautiful indeed, but our love affair may be put on hold. They are extremely expensive and there’s no trying and seeing and potentially returning, and I can’t justify spending that much on shoes I’ve never seen in person or been able to try on. Give me a shout if you see them on sale or for realsy? Great.

In the mean time, nOir Jewelry has some new ring styles up, and they’re very affordable. But which one? So conflicted…

Decisions, Decisions...

Perhaps convince Mom she should get the baby one (whole OBGYN thang) get the dog for my dog and then…well you see where I’m going with this. It’s like world domination. With rings.

P.S. I mean it this time, what should I name new cat bracelet animal friend?

P.P.S. Look! How cool! Chanel Hand Ring!

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so casually ‘awesome’

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