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DISNEY by hallaek
June 2, 2010, 12:21 am
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Yeah, of the “World” variety. Be jealous. I’ve been there…too many times, but this was Tila’s first time since she was very wee so it was a special couple o’ days. Rode some rides, ate some food, had a princess make-over, the usual. Oh? What? A princess make-over? Does that mean you’re a princess now? It does. So we were the oldest there by a few generations, so the very little girls were staring at us because we had actual boobs (well, one of us) so that must mean we’re real princess, so one of them thought I looked like Cinderella…all part of being committed to princess-dom. Alright, I’ll give it to you straight: “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a beauty salon where little girls are magically transformed into little princesses”. We’re hardly little girls, we’re not girls, we’re certainly not little princesses. But since “everyone’s a kid” in Disney (said the lady at the concierge) we made my mom call and after some discussion, in which I think they tried to talk her out of it, we were in, little or not. Then we get there and find out the oldest “little princess” they ever had was 96. Although I feel like that falls into the realm of so-old-you’re-cute-again or so-old-you’re-treated-like-a-child-again or…okay, you know what I’m getting at. And what I’m getting at is Tila and I are extremely courageous. Heroes. Pioneers. We’ve paved the way for young adults everywhere, perhaps even males. Enough ego for one post, so anyway, I’m also throwing in some random non-princess make-over pictures I think are cute. Cause I’m cute. Like a little princess. Done for real now.

Like the matching outfits? We couldn’t fit into dresses. Now imagine two 20 something girls, dressed the same, with the same hair, matching necklaces and sashes, one of them waving like a princess to young children, following around my poor mother. All day. If your imagination is up to par, whether you know my mom or not (it’s way funnier if you do, though) this is a hilarious image.

(To come: SATC and Drag. All in the life of a princess.)

P.S. Sorry the Disney-taken photos are blurry, I had to steal them via screen shot because I didn’t really feel like paying $14.95 per picture to download them. Ah, Disney…Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, you know.

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