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Doodles, Dinosaurs & Dixie by hallaek

Way back when (in 2009) I read a post over at Sea of Shoes that featured classically shaped furniture covered in canvas and drawn all over by kids. Alright, drawn all over by children, at a hospital, for charity; there was a cause. Well I found a chair for $50 over at the Elegant Garage Sale and had my own cause: to recreate that awesome Sea of Shoes chair.

It was a year before I actually started working on the project when I eagerly wrote a post about it here on this blog. I quickly ran into a problem. Not knowing any children and not really trusting any of them with my soon-to-be awesome chair I was begging my sister and friends to help me cover all the fabric in doodles. Adults can doodle for a while, but then our imagination runs out and someone threatens to scribble down a curse word and there goes that afternoon activity. Perhaps it’s needless to say that the chair sat with many a bald spot for months on end, but here I am saying (typing) it.

The chair, in all its incomplete glory, came in handy last year when I competed in BAM! – the She Does the City video contest. At the start of each video I wrote the corresponding title on the chair and it probably became the most memorable part because..who draws all over a chair? But after that, after I did not win the aforementioned contest, the chair became untouchable, almost sacred. Maybe I thought the chair was bad luck, maybe I’m just making excuses. The good news is that the chair is finally complete!

If you’re a jewelry connoisseur, comme moi, then you’ve seen the multitude of necklaces covered in rainbow thread, or the sudden over-accessibility of neon-coloured rhinestone collars — Tom Binns would be spinning in his grave, you know, if he were not alive. While I’m not necessarily jumping all over the trend (not shocking with my devotion to black) I like the idea of childhood whimsy behind it.

Rainbow thread brings me back to senior kindergarten when the coolest, most popular girl, Courtney, put rainbow thread in her running shoes and won all the boys’ fancy and clearly some of the girls’. Now my most favourite pieces reflect my childhood from my cat covered Miu Mius to my Cinderella-esque Pradas and most recently my navy and white Isabel Marants that look identical to my first pair of Spice Girls-era platform sneakers. Kitties, Disney, and Girl Power — my life as a little girl in a nutshell, now interpreted in high fashion.

 Embrace your past and wear your inner-child on your neck. And maybe add a dinosaur, or two.

Rainbow thread necklaces: Forever21, rhinestone: vintage, sunglasses: Karen Walker, t-rex: Tatty Devine.

“You girls are fun! You’re more fun than them.” by hallaek
June 13, 2010, 10:58 pm
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Yes, the quote above is in reference to Tila and myself. Wherever Tila and I go we collect fans…probably because we’re famous princesses. We went to Zelda’s one Saturday night and had the best time ever. I thought for a while about when the last best time would be, but I think “ever” is right; just had that much fun. Zelda’s is both a restaurant and bar, but we’ve only been upstairs to the bar to join in on the drag fun! The Saturday we went we watched some Lady Gaga and much else…but as most fun nights go, they’re not always the easiest to remember in great detail. There was a competition for a sport (that isn’t really a sport) which I somehow set off due to my “Samantha”-esque vibe…it didn’t end well for me, but in my defense I have a twisted ankle and it was a “very fun” night. Tila and I were back-up dancers…found a fourth for our SATC group (which would be how the whole “Samantha” thang came up)…and there may or may not have been some silly “naturist” moments. I’ll leave it at that. And “that” is probably already too much. Whatevah, whatevah, I do what I want! …Sorry.

Speaking of a twisted ankle… After we went to SATC 2 Tila and I hung up (put away) our high heels. We both have twisted ankles. Both left. Both ankles we potentially made worse when we sacrificed them in order to wear high heels to a movie. I know, this is all makes total sense, you totally get where we were coming from. Well ever since we decided that we were bound to flats until our ankles were truly ready we haven’t been too excited to dress up. It’s just not the same without beautiful shoes, and we both have issues finding flats all that exciting. As a result of wearing flats we’ve rebelled (not really…), but I’m naked and Tila sparkles. Actually ever since we’ve been much more sparkly. Yesterday I wore a full sequined sweater to get breakfast…I need my high heels back. Men buy speedy, shiny cars, we hike up our skirts and cover ourselves in sparkle. (Yesterday I saw two sequins go down the drain in the shower, that’s the point I’m at.)

I was wearing a necklace I love, but don’t often wear which I’ve tried to show without showing too much. You know what I mean. It’s apparently an unknown Québécois designer and there’s a bird in a cage and what I think are “jazzy squiggles”. I don’t know what it means or if it means anything, I just like it. I’d wear it in a smoky bar, with a smokey eye and a big hat. I’m sure that scenario will happen one day… (Oh P.S. Got it at The Bead Goes On!) Also, the last picture is from the following Monday when we went back to Zelda’s to play Bingo. Just a regular Monday night…there were some pretty great winnings, not on my part, but on those of others that I won’t go into detail about because it’s naughty. I wore a vintage black pleated, strapless dress that I got for about $20 on Queen street; it’s long enough not to worry about being a lady, but I never feel too covered up in it. Dress love. And I yanked out the LV from when I was 15. I think it works.

Side note: Watching the Tonys…I was ridiculously happy to see the Crane brothers together again. Biggest highlight for me so far. That and Lea Michelle’s performance, but not in a good way. Not in a good way at all… Oh, and now that it’s over: third highlight being the show ending on an infinite string of “Na Na Na Na Na”s. Love the Tonys.

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