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Hairplay by hallaek
October 17, 2011, 1:54 am
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I guess my hair is pretty. And I guess my hair is pretty fun. And I guess my hair is pretty fun – to play with! So that’s what Cruz did. She played with it. She played with it so hard (TWSS). I’m currently getting the flu out-of-the-way in an organization kick, so thank goodness I was saving these photos.

Also I realize my Intsagram-ing is getting out of hand, so I’m going to pass the blame to the aforementioned chick.





via Instagram.

Cruella de Vil – Pony Stylez by hallaek
September 23, 2011, 1:25 am
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Do you have me on Instagram? Do you follow me on Twitter? Did you catch me at that perfect time in the night to pry my secretive hair plans out of my cold, shut lips? If you didn’t know then, you know now: I’ve my little pony-ed myself. Some celebs have done it, although only Lauren Conrad comes to mind, but I’ve seen other nameless hotties with rainbow hair posting pictures à la Lookbook. I originally saw the trend and figured, being a natural dark brunette, that a red or blue would be easier on my hair, but I was told otherwise so I figured fuck it – let’s go blonde. (As a blonde with crazy hair my language has become much more crude…that’s a lie.)



rainbow fish

très faux-hawk


spur of the moment hair stylez

I have to thank the very patient Susan at Taz Hair Co. who even mixed together colours to match my likings (but the colours in her tattoos were phenomenal so I knew she’d be the one). And we just happened to find that McDonald’s edition My Little Pony in my basement, kismet.

P.S. These photos and the next batch were taken by Christianne – in case you want to hire her for weddings, or bat mitzvahs, or boudoir photos…
P.P.S. There are some really awesome shoes coming up, and my new friend, Ralph.

Everything is blue for her by hallaek
August 26, 2011, 6:09 pm
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This is solely a hair update. If you care. Otherwise, check this out!

I'm blue.

Via Urban Outfitters.

SHUT UP, I’M DOIN’ IT. by hallaek
August 18, 2011, 11:28 pm
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I’m dying my hair red. And I’m not sure the look I’m going for is all that natural. In fact, I would prefer a red that is bright, or cherry-like, or if not those then the other extreme: pinks. Maybe a raspberry…if that’s a thing. I like the idea of dark brows with a hue that is clearly not the root of those brows. And since my brows of late have been much more Russian prosti-tot than normal person, my head of hair is basically crying to be dyed some cray colour. Did I mull over blue? Of course. My first instinct will always be blue since that time in grade six when I begged my mom for blue highlights and was denied – it’ll happen one day, mom! Moving on, red/pink/whatever is the colour this time and I’m a big kid now so suck it (mom). She’s actually in full support, she’s just a blue-bigot. …Why am I talking about my mother?

I like these pictures.


rihanz 1


rihanz 2


I’ll be asking the advice of the lady who made me blonde, don’t want to mess with my natural beauty or nothin’. And this is the aforementioned she:

kelly "betty"

She’ll know what to do, right? Whatever, it’s happening.

Mademoiselle Julia by Lauren Kerbel
November 24, 2009, 11:21 am
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

My wonderful (and stunningly beautiful) friend Julia Sheasgreen is a fashion model who has spent the last year modeling in exotic locations all around the world including China and London. Julia reports to us this month from Cape Town, South Africa where summer is just beginning (allow for a collective jealous sigh.)


Tell us a little bit about your job in the beauty industry? What are your experiences with getting your makeup done as a model?

Getting my make up done before a job is fantastic. I usually watch what the makeup artist does in silence, observing his/her technique. It’s really amazing meeting so many talented and lovely MUAs. About a year ago I lost the bulk of my beauty collection flying home from Shanghai. After relaying my sob story a couple of times a wonderful makeup artist Vanessa Jarman gave me a couple of brushes and the best mascara on the market (Dior Show, duh!).

What are the ups and downs (beauty-wise) of being a model?

The best beauty perk of the job is when the makeup has managed to last throughout the shoot and I can take it out at night, especially if they let me keep their false eyelashes!

The worst part is when the hair/makeup up is a little too…imaginative for the real world, and impossible to get off! (i.e. Painted white hair…thanks team.)

What is your every day beauty routine?

Oooh it changes every single day! I’m not very obedient to the number one beauty rule. I bought a face moisturizer last week to “be good” and it turns out it has shimmer in it! I’m sorry, but you canNOT put glitter in your product and not warn anyone. Anyway, there are a few constants in my routine: Benefit’s Erase Paste for my night-owl tendencies, mascara, some sort of colour on my cheeks to make me a little less NC15 white…and usually I’ll make myself time to do more because I love it!

What is your beauty product obsession? (a.k.a. your desert island product)

Yeah phew, whenever I read that question in magazines I try to think what on earth my answer would be.  I think I’d choose a dark grey liner (MAC Eye Khol in Phonenumber) because there are a lot of diverse looks to create with it. And maybe a nice lip/cheek colour duo (perhaps MAC crème blush in Uncommon).  Basically products that aren’t limiting, I want to have fun with it.

Best Beauty Tip?

Make it clean and even. You can still go dramatic, but there’s nothing fabulous about a crooked smokey eye and joker-style lipstick.

Most Regrettable beauty moment?

For years, trotting around with some sort of shimmery-without-telling-you product on my face while thinking I looked natural.

You are currently living and working as a model in South Africa, any beauty tips and or trends from Cape Town for us?

Natural makeup is all the rage here. I met a model today who wasn’t wearing any eye make up but had a rad colour on her cheeks- it was stunning. You don’t NEED to put make up on every feature. I don’t wear foundation, which is a very good one to skip if you don’t need it.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I have a MAC obsession, this isn’t MAC product placement, it’s just really really great!

Thanks so much Julia for being our first Experte de la Beauté! We all miss you back in Canada and wish you luck in South Africa!

xx Lauren

Julia Relaxing on the Beach in South Africa

And some modelling shots from her portfolio

Self Test: Skin Analysis from the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Lauren Kerbel
November 23, 2009, 10:41 pm
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

Not sure what your skin type is? Check out this quick self test from my favourite makeup book The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.


Look at your own, clean, unmoisturized skin in the mirror. Is the overall texture flaky (dry), shiny (oily), or smooth (normal)?

How does your skin feel after you wash it with your current cleansing regimen? Tightness through the forehead is an indication of dry skin.

How does your skin normally look by midday? Is there oil breakthrough or dryness even though you have moisturized?

What lifestyle factors are influencing your skin’s current condition: stress? Hormonal fluctuations? Sun exposure? Diet?

Does your skin have noticeable sun damage? How are your protecting yourself against the sun?

Image courtesy of amazon.ca

xx Lauren

These are a few of my favourite things… by Lauren Kerbel
November 10, 2009, 4:44 pm
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

Let me begin this post by sincerely apologizing to you for neglecting my duties as beauty writer for so long. October was a very busy month at school and multiple essays have crept up on me and there was an entire weekend of Halloween festivities to plan for! But I am here now and will be putting up a flurry of articles for your reading pleasure soon! One of the things that I have wanted to do since beginning to write for La Mode Au Naturelle is to do a few product reviews. There are thousands of beauty products out there all claiming to be the best, but it can be difficult (and expensive) to test all of them out. As a full-fledged beauty addict, I would know, so I am going to share some of my opinions with you because I just love you that much!

Here are a few of my favourites, beginning with Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation with SPF 15. This is by far my favourite foundation for younger skin. It is very light-weight, oil free and looks very natural on the skin. Bonus points for the SPF 15, although my moisturizer has SPF 25 in it, if you happen to not already have SPF on your skin this is an added bonus. I will admit, that thanks to my mother, I have been blessed with wonderful skin which I am very grateful for, my biggest problem being some redness. This foundation is perfect if you want a great polished but natural look, whenever I wear it at work clients always remark how “flawless” my skin and always remark that “it doesn’t look like you’re wearing foundation!” It may not be the best choice if you are looking for a full coverage base. For an easy every day application I usually just use my fingers and only where I need it, for a more polished evening look I usually use the Smashbox PhotoFinish Light Primer and apply both with a foundation brush. This gives the face a more polished look (are you getting sick of that word yet? It’s a makeup artist standard, like making you’re eyes “pop!”)

Everyone has a desert island product, the one beauty product that the absolutely can’t live without and I would say that mine would be lip balm because I can’t stand my lips being chapped, but my collection of lip balms have become more of a daily necessity like putting moisturizer on in the morning. This leaves way for my favourite obsession: mascara. The tips of my less than luxurious eyelashes happen to be blonde, making them seem more non-existent than they already are. Anything that can make my lashes look longer and fuller without clumping and the dreaded “spidery” effect is magic. I have been a devoted fan of MAC Mascara X in Black for the way it makes my teeny lashes look voluminous and longer. I also recently discovered Benefit’s BadGal Lash Mascara in Black which is not as great as the X Mascara for volume but lengthens my lashes to the extreme! TIP: Black mascara is always the most effective for defining your eyes but if you have light lashes like me and want a more subtle look try a dark brown instead.

When it comes to my hair, I have to admit I can get pretty lazy. The life of a university student can be hectic and busy at the best of times and I don’t always have time to wash and style my hair. If I wake up a little late in the morning and my hair is looking a little greasy and limp (hey, it happens to the best of us) a little bit of Oscar Blandi’s Dry Shampoo Powder is the best solution that I’ve found. Although it doesn’t really replace an actual shower, it does allow you to go outside without worrying about a bad hair day or grabbing the nearest hat.

Of course I can actually live without these beauty products (at least I’ve never heard of anyone dying from cosmetic absence) but they do make my life just a little prettier.

xx Lauren


p.s. All of these fabulous products are available at Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada (with the exception of the MAC Mascara, available at MAC stores and counters.)

Pro Tip: Brush Like A Pro by Lauren Kerbel
September 17, 2009, 12:13 am
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Hello Beautiful People,

Whenever I tell people that I am a makeup artist, one of the first things they ask me is for my best “beauty tip.” Well, because I love you all so much I will be providing you with some of my favourites right here on La Mode Au Naturelle, and here is one of my top tips. If you want to look like you just left the makeup artist’s chair, then you better be investing in some good makeup brushes. Now I know that these little tools don’t come cheap (believe me I know!) but you don’t necessarily need to buy the entire brush line from your favourite cosmetics brand. A few key tools will help you create most of the looks you would see on this site. My personal essentials include a big fluffy face brush for powder and bronzer, a big blending “fluffy” brush for your eyes, a firmer shadow brush, a small angled liner brush and the little disposable mascara applicators that you see at all makeup stations. These are my basic “musts.” Once you have these brushes in your personal kit you are set to create any glowing, smoky, natural or crazy night out look with perfectly separated, never clumpy lashes.

While it is not necessary to buy the most expensive professional brushes out there, it is important to buy good quality brushes. If you splurge a little on the brush now, it won’t fall apart later (or even right after you buy it,) there will be less chance of it irritating your skin and you will be surprised how long it will last you with proper care. I bought my first brushes at the tender age of 13 and 7 years later they’re still as good as new.

How to care for your brushes:

I like to keep my brushes in a little cup by my makeup station or in a travel brush pouch when I am traveling. Make sure you are keeping them in a place that won’t smoosh them (a technical term) or allow them to get dirty (like at the back of your makeup drawer with the dust bunnies.) It is also important to wash your brushes. This comes as a surprise to most people, but remember that good quality brushes need the dirt, oil and makeup to be cleaned from them regularly. You can spend the extra dough on a good quality makeup brush shampoo, or run to the closest drug store and get a gentle baby shampoo. Wet the brushes, put some shampoo in your hand or on a paper towel and gently twirl the brush around (not too much pressure please!) Rinse thoroughly and then lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry over night. You’ll be surprised when some of the brown brushes turn out white! This will also keep the brushes from smelling (not pleasant.) If you do this whenever you remember (I try to do it about once a month,) you will keep your treasured brushes as good as new for a long time. Completely justifies the cost, right?

xx Lauren

British Trend Photoshoot! by Lauren Kerbel
September 12, 2009, 11:52 pm
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Hello Beautiful People,

Although I call Toronto home, I have spent the majority of my summer across the pond in England, while there I stocked up on every issue of every British magazine that I could get my hands on so I could bring you the latest beauty trends from the UK. I called in our trusty fashion blogger Hallae to be my model and guinea pig for a photoshoot today with makeup all done by yours truly. I am posting the photos now but the details of the looks and the photoshoot will have to wait until tomorrow because I am still suffering from the 5 hour time difference (I got back to Canada only a few days ago and spent most of last night rubbing shoulders with celebs- read Hallae’s account of our night out over on the main page.)

Until then, enjoy the photos!

xx Lauren

Alright, so as promised here are the details of the looks!

Our first look is a toned down version of some of the most popular runway looks from London Fall Fashion Week. Many of the fall runways showcased “au naturelle” faces, making sure the models walked the catwalk with perfect, even skin paired with extreme contouring. For a more wearable look we used a light foundation and powder to even out Hallae’s already enviously perfect skin and then used Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer to create a more subtle version of the contoured look. Topped off with a highlighter along the top of her cheekbones and Hallae was ready to conquer the day (which entailed snuggling on the couch with a cosy blanket.)

Look #2 takes inspiration from the ladylike looks of the 40’s that are quickly becoming the fashion world’s hottest muse. Building on the previous look, we added a quick swipe of black liner to the top lash line only plus loads of mascara to give Hallae’s eyes that sexy, come hither (but please don’t) look while the lips were painted a sexy scarlett. I used a darker red lip liner before to both outline and fill in the lips before painting on a red cream lipstick to create a vintage look that is oh so wearable today dahlings.

Tapping into Hallae’s “wild side” we decided to reference the rebirth of 80s fashion as well as the London punk scene with a look that is a little more edgy but still easy to wear for a night out. Not a makeup artist? Not to worry this look was easy to do with the help of a thin angled liner brush and a deep blue gel liner from British makeup line Barry M Cosmetics (hint: L’Oreal makes a great one as well that can be bought at Shopper’s.)

Our final look was inspired by Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger)  in the new Burberry ads that have been popping up all over London (literally, the girl covers the entire outside of the Knighstbridge store.) We even added in my favourite new Burberry snood for authenticity. This look is one of the most dramatic but suprisingly also one of the easiest to create. Use one big, creamy, black eye pencil, line the entire outside of the eye, smudge, smudge, smudge, repeat. Then use another black waterproof eye pencil to line the inside of the lower and upper lashlines (tricky to do, but one of my favourite lash line thickening tricks.) Of course, finish with loads of mascara!

xx Lauren

Bonjour! by Lauren Kerbel
September 10, 2009, 6:52 pm
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

As promised, I have joined forces with my husband/housemate/partner in all mischief to bring you a new kind of style blog. Instead of seeing models with mohawks and black lipstick (but hey if you can pull that off then more power to ya!) we want to write about the amazing looks that our stylish friends put together and beauty trends that you can actually wear. This is where I come in. But let me formally introduce myself to you! I am a 20 year old university student currently splitting my time between Kingston, ON and Toronto. My makeup obsession began somewhere around the age of 3 with my mothers red Chanel lipsticks and has evolved over the years from disastrous first attempts at eyeshadow application, to electric blue eyeliner and matching mascara. My addiction has taken me through body glitter, stage makeup, a very brief “punk” stage and finally to makeup school last summer. I write to you now as a professional make-up artist, personally trained by Victoria Radford and a freelance artist for Yves St Laurent Beaute at Holt Renfrew.

I have been asked by Hallae to contribute to La Mode Au Naturelle as the site’s beauty expert and will be bringing you trend reports, beauty tips, product reviews and other odds and ends about all things bright and beautiful.


xx Lauren

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