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Self Test: Skin Analysis from the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Lauren Kerbel
November 23, 2009, 10:41 pm
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

Not sure what your skin type is? Check out this quick self test from my favourite makeup book The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.


Look at your own, clean, unmoisturized skin in the mirror. Is the overall texture flaky (dry), shiny (oily), or smooth (normal)?

How does your skin feel after you wash it with your current cleansing regimen? Tightness through the forehead is an indication of dry skin.

How does your skin normally look by midday? Is there oil breakthrough or dryness even though you have moisturized?

What lifestyle factors are influencing your skin’s current condition: stress? Hormonal fluctuations? Sun exposure? Diet?

Does your skin have noticeable sun damage? How are your protecting yourself against the sun?

Image courtesy of amazon.ca

xx Lauren

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