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Mademoiselle Julia by Lauren Kerbel
November 24, 2009, 11:21 am
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Hello All You Beautiful People,

My wonderful (and stunningly beautiful) friend Julia Sheasgreen is a fashion model who has spent the last year modeling in exotic locations all around the world including China and London. Julia reports to us this month from Cape Town, South Africa where summer is just beginning (allow for a collective jealous sigh.)


Tell us a little bit about your job in the beauty industry? What are your experiences with getting your makeup done as a model?

Getting my make up done before a job is fantastic. I usually watch what the makeup artist does in silence, observing his/her technique. It’s really amazing meeting so many talented and lovely MUAs. About a year ago I lost the bulk of my beauty collection flying home from Shanghai. After relaying my sob story a couple of times a wonderful makeup artist Vanessa Jarman gave me a couple of brushes and the best mascara on the market (Dior Show, duh!).

What are the ups and downs (beauty-wise) of being a model?

The best beauty perk of the job is when the makeup has managed to last throughout the shoot and I can take it out at night, especially if they let me keep their false eyelashes!

The worst part is when the hair/makeup up is a little too…imaginative for the real world, and impossible to get off! (i.e. Painted white hair…thanks team.)

What is your every day beauty routine?

Oooh it changes every single day! I’m not very obedient to the number one beauty rule. I bought a face moisturizer last week to “be good” and it turns out it has shimmer in it! I’m sorry, but you canNOT put glitter in your product and not warn anyone. Anyway, there are a few constants in my routine: Benefit’s Erase Paste for my night-owl tendencies, mascara, some sort of colour on my cheeks to make me a little less NC15 white…and usually I’ll make myself time to do more because I love it!

What is your beauty product obsession? (a.k.a. your desert island product)

Yeah phew, whenever I read that question in magazines I try to think what on earth my answer would be.  I think I’d choose a dark grey liner (MAC Eye Khol in Phonenumber) because there are a lot of diverse looks to create with it. And maybe a nice lip/cheek colour duo (perhaps MAC crème blush in Uncommon).  Basically products that aren’t limiting, I want to have fun with it.

Best Beauty Tip?

Make it clean and even. You can still go dramatic, but there’s nothing fabulous about a crooked smokey eye and joker-style lipstick.

Most Regrettable beauty moment?

For years, trotting around with some sort of shimmery-without-telling-you product on my face while thinking I looked natural.

You are currently living and working as a model in South Africa, any beauty tips and or trends from Cape Town for us?

Natural makeup is all the rage here. I met a model today who wasn’t wearing any eye make up but had a rad colour on her cheeks- it was stunning. You don’t NEED to put make up on every feature. I don’t wear foundation, which is a very good one to skip if you don’t need it.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I have a MAC obsession, this isn’t MAC product placement, it’s just really really great!

Thanks so much Julia for being our first Experte de la Beauté! We all miss you back in Canada and wish you luck in South Africa!

xx Lauren

Julia Relaxing on the Beach in South Africa

And some modelling shots from her portfolio

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