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“Supermodels who aren’t superthin” by hallaek
October 1, 2009, 5:06 pm
Filed under: Fashion

This is another photo-less post, but I just had an urge to share this with you. If you read my very first post this blog was incited by my obsession with fashion blogs over the summer, my own curvy body and how I deal with fashion, and Lizzie Miller (aka “the woman on page 194”). She appeared in Glamour Magazine 2 months ago in a small photo and there was such a huge and positive reaction that the November issue is showcasing several “plus size” models. I am currently watching an interview on Ellen with these models and have just received quite a shock. According to the “industry” anyone over a size 6 is considered plus size. Wow. This may not mean much to men reading this, but women think about that. Think about your friends, family, enemies, or just the people you see on the street! Now I’m not anti-fashion industry or anti-models or anti-what have you, but I can honestly say that there is not one female I know who has never told me that she’s “fat”. In fact, for most it’s an everyday topic. Can’t eat that, can’t show this, can’t wear that…we have a lot of “can’t”s for ourselves. I try as best I can not to fall into those patterns, but it’s just not possible. I go into a store and see a stick thin mannequin wearing something absolutely fabulous, I express interest, a sales associate tries to show me where it is so I can try it on and my response? “Oh, no. I couldn’t wear that…” So I don’t try it on, and usually when I get into that mind set I don’t end up trying anything on and just mope around the store avoiding mirrors. And I know it’s not just me. I’ve been the moping girl, I’ve been with the moping girl, I’ve seen the moping girl and as a sales associate I’ve been the one who tries to help the moping girl. But maybe what we’re seeing on the catwalk and in the magazines is a revolution. Perhaps in a few years time we won’t need to showcase normal girls on Ellen and in special November issues because it will be everywhere… 0924-these-bodies-look-good-at-every-size

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