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Winter in October… by hallaek
October 4, 2009, 5:31 pm
Filed under: Fashion

It hs been f-f-freezing! Oh, and our heater broke. Of course that meant we had to have a snuggle fest to keep warm…I wish. It was not the best weekend for taking pictures, I feel like I just never had any down time. Okay, no down time until now. So of course instead of sleeping, or working, I’m watching TV and blogging. Good job, me. We had our very first Sunday Rocky rehearsal today…yowza. I had no clue how much jumping around directors did, I definitely learned a lot about every past director I have ever had. It was a lot of fun though, it’s so much fun just getting to run around and (especially with a show like Rocky) be ridiculously silly and obscene and loud. Lots of fun. I may lose my voice in the very near future to which I say “psha”. And I’ve had a new thought about my sexy cast, profiles…in costume! Because those costumes are going to be amazing, the costume designer is just…wow. Big wow. Wow. So I guess I don’t have any funny stories or interesting tidbits to share, but tomorrow I enter my last week as a teenager so I’ll have to fill up on the funny and silly before I’m far too old (20) to behave that way. Yeah, right.

Now pour les photos! I have to admit that I slacked a bit this weekend, but hopefully my “Natur-Elle of the Month” post tomorrow will redeem me. Matty was in town this weekend and having seen the blog was only too eager to get his pose on…actually, there was a bit of a pose off between the boys, but Matty was the most focused. He took his posing very seriously, and I think it shows. I know you will too.

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