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So you’ve lost your camera… by hallaek
October 29, 2009, 6:38 pm
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And pretty pink leopard print house key. I loved that camera. All red and shiny. I didn’t have very long with it, I hope wherever it is now it’s getting the love it deserves. I think the worst part is that there were some great pictures of Lauren and I on it and now they’re gone forever…or being used for some naughty purposes by a camera thief…shudder. Lesson 1: If one intends on drinking so much they convince themselves that they are locked inside the club with no possible escape route…don’t bring a camera.

I do have some pictures of some lovely gals left over from my birthday (See “Pose, Damnit!“). It’s getting harder to get pictures of me because most people are keen on posing, but not so keen on sticking around (away from the table with the pitchers) to then take pictures of yours truly. But this weekend is Hallowe’en! So hopefully I’ll get some great pictures of my costumes (taken at home where cameras are safe).

Since I haven’t posted in a while I figure I’ll make this one a biggie (it’s a biggie!) SeaofShoes anyone? Please tell me you’ve started reading it. Go do it now. Anyways the blogger, Jane Aldridge, not only has fabulous shoes, but through reading it you become familiar with some of her favourite items, like this ring…

I have to admit that I am hugely afraid of underwater and the two creatures I loath the most are squids and octopus. They’re creepy and ugly and just all around horrid…but I really like this ring. The designer is Antonio Palladino and the silver ring costs $965.00 and I have no clue for the gold one. I wish it weren’t an octopus, but I’ve been looking at different animal rings and this one is really the nicest. But let’s keep in mind the prices I’m finding are American and I would really rather not spend $1,029.84 on an octopus. So I was on Anthropologie and found this!

$199.37 CAD, baby! And it’s more sparkly! I’m not sure how I feel about the…ugh…tentacles not being so…shudder…dangly. But writing that sentence was hard enough so perhaps this version is a better way for me to go. Oh! I almost forgot! My 20th birthday present, the present to end all presents, I finally got a Chanel bag! I would have pictures with it, but that’s going back to the little red camera story so… I’m calling it my “grown up” bag. One step closer to being a real adult. Look at how much a bag can accomplish! Although I wear the chain as long as possible so I can just throw it around me and not worry about it. You know, go swing and play on monkey bars and jump into piles of leaves…clean leaves. Leather friendly, Chanel leaves, obvi.

There she is!

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