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I Bedazzle. by hallaek
October 6, 2009, 9:44 pm
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No “Natur-Elle” post yet, the interview is being a’okayed and such by our gal! So what for now? Bedazzling. Not with a bedazzler, don’t worry. I am in no way condoning the commercials with the bedazzler guns that then cut to images of completely rhinestoned jeans and cowboy hats, but my electronics are in no way safe. We all remember when the young starlets out there sent their phones and ipods away to be covered in Swarovski crystals

So not just starlets...

Well I never got over it. I just really, really like sparkly things. If I could be covered in sequins everyday that would be fine by me…but my life is not a Golden Age musical and people would stare. So I self-bedazzle my phone and ipod. There was a time when I had a Razr phone and I covered it completely in this great pattern…it was beautiful. It of course fell apart, and then I lost the phone so good thing I did it myself and didn’t spend thousands on having it sent in; as if that would ever happen. I got a bit wiser, covering the sparklies in clear nail polish. Then one day I went into a Michaels and there were pre-made lines and things and sparkly letters! So…

Whatever man, Whitney Port does it too!

Bedazzled Pot!

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