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Burlesque-venture by hallaek
August 8, 2010, 9:51 pm
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Warning: post contains T&A.
Tila and I have decided that we do not appreciate Toronto enough. Most people probably don’t, easier to go places you know, same old, same old – so we have been planning adventures. Our first one was supposed to be to a burlesque club called Jezebel which we found on blogTO:

The entrance is (or rather was) at the rear of the building that you can only get to by walking down an alley…so we walked down an alley…in an area we are unfamiliar with, in too high heels. I’d say our adventure was already going well.

We see the Jezebel sign and then two doors, one with a handle and one without, but with a peephole. The one with the handle is locked so I figured that it must be really cool and secretive and you have to knock on the door sans handle and then they’d check you out through the peephole before they let you in, or not if they decided you weren’t cool or mysterious enough. I obviously made Tila knock. Obviously nobody answered. Obviously…I’m insane. Anyway, we wandered across the street and what did we find? Burlesque! The burlesque gods weren’t letting us end the night without seeing some nipple tassels first. She was kind of dressed like Snow White, or how one would imagine Snow White to look were she about to dance on a bar and strip to covers of old 90s tunes. The place was called The Painted Lady and had fringe lamps and velvet couches, so that plus on-bar burlesque kind of made up for the night we had imagined, but there was no way we could take “tourist” like photos. We stuck out, and not cause of our purdy mugs.

Where we’ll try to secret-code-knock our way into next? Hopefully some place where the entrance is (or rather was) not in an alleyway.

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