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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! by hallaek
February 25, 2010, 2:42 pm
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Unfortunately this won’t be a graphic post rivaling the snippets of erotica at the end of Cosmo. (One day though…) But for now let’s talk about something my mom would only be too proud to know I was blogging about…contraception!

Some of you know what my mom does, some don’t: she’s an OBGYN. …Google it. As a result I’m the kid who knew a bit too much about things I probably shouldn’t have known about in elementary school and for the most part I wished I didn’t know most of it. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

Contraception is…ugly. It is not aesthetically pleasing. Lots of silver foil and plastic and numbers that mean nothing to us, even the “fancy” condoms are still just…condoms. It’s easy to forget your pill, it’s easy to forget to bring a condom, and I hate to say it, but for many people I know (and you know) it’s just not a big deal if one or the other (or both) are forgotten. Without even touching on pregnancy we all know there are other consequences. So what do I suggest? Make it pretty! Sorry guys, this post really isn’t for you, but then again you’re not getting pregnant so…I don’t care.

Nicole Miller

Now if you’re anything like my friends and me we can’t stop looking at pretty things, and when one is acquired we’re only too fast to show it off. Well if pills were kept in a case that had the same effect perhaps it would be at the front of one’s mind as opposed to way in the back. We’d want to keep our pill cases with us just in case the chance to came up for “What this? Not a compact. I know, so cool.” Sounds silly, but you know it would happen. Lucky for you there are fashionable alternatives at your disposal! These pretty pill cases were designed by Nicole Miller and unfortunately are no longer in production, but can be found on ebay every so often.


There is also Pillpaks which have alarms on them and also come in cute girly styles. But if you decide that you’re unique and therefore your birth control should be too then run (don’t walk!) to Squirrel’s Nest shop on Etsy where all the cases are hand-made and custom orders are on the menu! You can look through sold items to get an idea of what you want and even ask for a repeat of a past item.

A Squirrel's Nest Case

The handcuffs case was by far my favourite because how can you go wrong with sparkles and handcuffs? You can’t. Well, it could be not orange. Alright, onto condoms! Ladies, we are not going to keep condoms in our wallets and then chortle like neanderthals when we take them out…that’s for their species. If we are going to keep a condom on us it has to be sexy as does the presentation when we reveal that we’re carrying.

The Classic

That’s where Just In Case comes in. This one actually is a compact…with a secret compartment that holds up to 2 condoms. The classic style is the “little black compact” which is definitely the most affordable, but we we’re talking about pretty right? In that case, we want bling!

Just in Case Bling!

It’s definitely quite the price to pay for sexy condom concealment, but it’s just so sparkly! Imagine you pull it out, light shines off of it in all directions, you snap it open then lift the secret compartment to smoothly reveal a condom…I’m putting this in a movie. Okay, so now you have a bunch of fashionable ways of keeping the things you need close and presentable! So let’s take those pills and whip out those condoms! And as always kids, have fun! (That’s a tad creepy…)

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So true. Random question, what do you know about the ring? My doctor suggested it, but I don’t know much about it. Do you know anyone who’s used it?

Comment by Katie

Nuvaring is a great alternative for women who are afraid they may forget to take a pill every day or just don’t want to commit to a schedule, but in my experience I prefer the pill simply because it’s less invasive and have found that most women our age feel the same way.

Comment by hallaek

Just wanted to let you know that I tried out the ring a couple weeks ago & it’s been great. So much better for me than the patch. Just a little FYI in case you were curious!

Comment by Katie

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