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Horse Whore by hallaek
April 7, 2011, 10:44 pm
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Those damn Jeffrey Campbell boots are everywhere…I know. I was firmly against them until this:

via The Sartorialist

I’ll be nice, I’ll give you the link to the actual happenings. The happenings: he shoots blogger, comments blogger is curvy, obviously the word “curvy” creates insta-controversy, but what I gathered is that The Sartorialist liked that the weight of the shoes are balanced against her (slightly) thicker (curvier) legs. My legs are thick, or curvy, or what have you, so with that I found my ideal pair of the Lita boots (ALL BLACK) and here we are today.



not ready

I swear, the hair will be cut.


just your friendly neighbourhood mime


Notes: My photographer/#1-fan/Tila has been badgering me to list my outfits. I just don’t think the items’ brands are particularly important, but fine.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur boots, shirt from Mendocino, American Apparel skirt, Talula hat and vintage jewelry.

Aritzia Fashion Show F/W 2010 by hallaek
July 28, 2010, 3:21 am
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It was my first real fashion show. As in it wasn’t a high school/uni fashion show. I probably didn’t keep up with the always in style “too cool to care” vibe, but I wasn’t alone in my excitement, so as long as we over-exciteds all go down together… The foyer before the doors opened for the Aritzia fashion show was filled with beautiful women, all impeccably dressed with great shoes. Then those lucky preteens whose hot young moms buy for the whole family at the store who were lucky enough to be invited. I have always been a very loyal Aritzia shopper, but I guess we were extra loyal this year because we were invited to this fashion show (even if we sort of did pay our way in, great clothes = fashion show? I’m in.) As you can tell from my over-excited ramble I am so glad we were invited because it was great, just great. You know when you fall in love and you can’t describe it so you just sigh and giggle? Okay, that’s how I feel about this show. Ask me in person, I dare you.

I decided to go for a fairly girly look for me and very colourful compared to my usual – black, with the Meows Meows (Miu Mius) in tow of course! And I guess it worked! One girl actually came up to me and told me a group of her friends told her to go find me and see what I was wearing, I’m pretty sure I almost hugged her and asked her to be my best friend forever; see how easy it is? I was accompanied by my mother since the invite was under her name and since it said non-transferable we didn’t want to risk it by not having the real Dr. Davis, though I’ve passed for a doctor before. She refused to pose, so I just kind of snapped randomly – hey, I tried. I also have my mom to thank for the hustle she showed when the doors opened, I looked around and she had two front row seats: thanks, mom. A cool rapper/singer/myvoicedoescoolthings-er opened the show and she was as I said, very cool. My first thought was “she’s way too cool and unique for this”, but it worked with the whole vibe. I was snapping like crazy, I swore to my mom it was for the blog, but she’s right I just wanted a better look at the clothes for later: thanks again, mom. I’m not going to post them all as there were just under 70 looks…which is a lot, and this is just the beginning of Aritzia’s fashion shows so I don’t want to give it all away, so I’ll just post some favs.

My captions allow you to go through the deep emotions I was going through as the show progressed. As if you were there. In my head. Or anywhere near me as I “oohed” and “aahed” and probably used the word “cute” 17 times too many. In the end we ordered some great pieces and I’m already thinking of three that were accidentally left out, basically my love affair with Aritzia is probably going to enter the serious relationship phase because I see no signs of either of us letting up. So I guess all I have to say is…thanks, mom.

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