I wear black


I love fashion blogs.

The best part about fashion blogs has to be being able to scroll through countless pictures of gorgeous people in even more gorgeous clothing. Fashion magazines are great, but often times I find that the chunks of pages that are nothing but beautiful models in exquisite clothing hard to concentrate on. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have to read the very tiny print to find out what anything is or because sometimes their pose or surroundings are just too unrealistic for me, but there is something that removes me from the whole thing. But fashion blogs! Ah! Thank goodness for them! Clear pictures taken in everyday life and seemingly on everyday people…are they everyday people?0814-lizzie-miller_vg

Glamour magazine’s tiny little picture of a size 12 woman in no clothing incited reactions from everyone! The Sartorialist recently wrote about it and mentioned that when he asks to take pictures of women who don’t fit into the size 0-2 category they often turn him down since they’re worried about what may come of the pictures. I found that extremely interesting because when I saw that picture my first thought was ‘huh…there are hardly streams of pictures of well dressed women that fall into the “normal” category’ and then after reading about them turning down pictures, well it really got me thinking.

I certainly do not fall into the size 0-2 category. I do love to look at pictures of girls who do and how fabulously they dress (SeaofShoes, anyone? Oh my! Jane Aldridge knows what she is doing and then some!), but it often makes me feel like I can’t do the fashion thing because a lot of these looks would be pretty horrible on me. I have hips, thighs and oh yes, a bum. They’re great womanly, child bearing qualities, but in the fashion world they just won’t do. Then why do I still love fashion and spend hours “window shopping” online? Why do all my girlfriends with boobs and bums do the same? Well once you fall in love with fashion it is near impossible to fall out of it…so we make it our own.

A fashion blog for boobs, bums, hips, thighs, tummies, and shorties!

Pictures of myself, my girlfriends and real stylish women of the world!…Or wherever I happen to be!

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