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BAM! by hallaek
December 21, 2010, 6:32 pm
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The title will make sense on a later date – most likely tomorrow. I have some great news.
For now it means BAM! PICTURES! Like…shazam! School finally ended last Friday, so as I said I have some pictures to put up, but most of my time and energy was being put towards the great news.

I’ve recently dug out my mom’s old fur coat from when she was my age (it even has her initials stitched on the inside – how quaint); it’s made out of squirrel! People tend to inch away from that when I mention it and proceed to wipe their hand on their jeans, but it’s very soft and very warm, and whatever, squirrels are furry creatures too. I feel a bit ridiculous wearing it, it looks great it just draws attention. Tila said (on the first day of many stares) that I could never work as an extra, I’d be fired for looking ridiculous. I didn’t argue, but nor did I agree, I still have my pride after all.




I look like I'm prancing

IPhone to the rescue – Xmas party



I’m just bursting with Christmas spirit…obviously.

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