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Sugar Beach by hallaek
September 7, 2010, 2:53 am
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I really tried to come up with some clever title that played with “Sugar Beach“, but it didn’t happen. I remember coming up with one as I stared into the clear, blue water off the Toronto waterfront, but I guess it just eventually made my mind cluttered…as cluttered as it is with pollution! And my wit returns. What better way to spend the last real week of summer than an impromptu adventure to Toronto’s newest beach which led to a whole Toronto adventure/walking tour.
The beach is apparently a much bigger project and is really only barely done and that’s pretty noticeable. Minus chained loungers, pink umbrellas (with dangerous metal pieces that fall straight down the pole and almost hit unsuspecting couples – true story), rocks with red and white stripes to look like candy, and a kiddie water fountain there really isn’t much else. It’s definitely a nice place to sit and chill or tan if you live in a condo/apartment sans sun exposure, but boring for hyper-active young adults. They are intending to put food, drink, and probably shopping…Tila and I will go back then. But it was fun to just sit by the water, engage in girl talk (much to the chagrin of the older gentleman sitting in front of us), and have Tila draw a lot of attention to us as a faux-paparazza. Luckily Tila’s snap happy ‘tude let up after we had walked far enough from the charming end of the beaches, and rightfully so. Oh yeah, we went to the beaches for Value Village and a diner. Before we walked all the way back to her condo at Yonge and College. Obviously. The diner ended up being well-known for how unhealthy it is: Dangerous Dan’s Diner. It was pretty solid and kitschy all minus our milk shakes…we ordered one banana and one strawberry, I’m pretty sure they were both vanilla. C’est la vie. It did make me feel like I was in a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives -like joint though so that was very exciting. Add finding the Fashion Magazine building, Tila freaking out and telling me I was not Buffy when a very scary man started to charge behind us (no, I’m not Buffy…but I can take ’em) and a man bending and twisting forks with his mind and I think an adventure is complete.
Also, check out my new Giuseppe Zanotti jointed ring…

My entire outfit (including headband) are American Apparel and that hasn’t happened since the summer after first year when I worked there. But AA is rocking it lately! That’s the double-layered chiffon skirt and ever since I got it I live in it. I grabbed it in the blue too at an attempt to change things up, but blacks my thing so I’m going to stop fighting that. Also that headband has a wire in it so you can do anything with it (I first wore it as devil horns) and I just picked up the shawl cardigan (yes, in black) and I’ve been living in that too. I know AA has lost some of its “cool-ness”, but the 3 aforementioned items really are so versatile, so flattering and so wearable. The only problem now? I’ve been on the hunt for longer, but fall-appropriate skirts with no luck. If you find a nice, warm, long plaid skirt with mainly reds and blacks let a girl know!

P.S. I apologize for photo overload. When I’m in doubt and remain in doubt 45 minutes later I always go for ‘select all’. But this is my blog so I’ll ‘select all’ whenever I please! (…Then apologize for it, apparently.)

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