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Excuses, Excuses by hallaek
February 20, 2010, 5:07 pm
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Rocky Horror, auditions, new show, school, life… The usual. I’ve had complaints. I’m sorry. Is it that I’ve stopped spending far too long thinking of outfits? No. I just haven’t been taking pictures…missed out on some great outfits…I’ll just re-do them.

But what’s to come?! (In this post, that is. I’m not at the point to plan future posts just yet.) Animals, heels, photo shoots in a washroom, a particular trooper of a silk skirt. It’s all very exciting. We have some new additions to the family! The family being Charo and myself. Goldie has arrived along with others who have been named and will be introduced…right now!

The Family

Rupa and Hema the elephant sisters, Giles the hound and Bimb the peacock. I realize I’m starting to sound a bit crazy, but…(well for those of you that will understand this) it’s just another tactic, really.


I found Bimb in my favourite vintage jewelry store. It’s this little hole in the wall off of Mount Pleasant by Eglinton and it’s rare to catch it open. I got lucky recently and picked up this gem and a beautiful vintage ring which I’ll post soon.

The Bead Goes On

The woman who runs it is great and extremely knowledgable not just with vintage, but with trends so she knows how to “talk shop” as we in the biz put it. …Wow. It’s called The Bead Goes On and I highly recommend it.The stuff is great and the prices are very reasonable, I’m honestly shocked every time at how little I’m paying for these gorgeous pieces.

Onto people! I have some old pictures from the Rocky Horror gala night and some from a random night in which I actually remembered to take out the camera. We got really into posing on gala night, we look a bit ridiculous, but it was fun. Also please note my shoes in those pictures…YSL Aliama. 50% off. Yeah, baby. A second please note: I know I’m wearing the same skirt in both, these pictures are separated by a month, I don’t just wear it everyday…maybe if I had it in several colours…

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