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Loves:…Animal Accessories by hallaek
December 11, 2009, 8:48 pm
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Sure, it’s a new love. So I’m making sure I hardcore it. (Hardcore as a verb.) I’ve talked about Christopher Ross, Charo, there was that amazing Koala mum & baby ring and now I have finally visited the site I meant to visit about 5 weeks ago, but only remembered to while in the hair dresser’s today. The site? nOir Jewelry. Les pièces de résistance? Jewel encrusted animal rings! These are a few of my favs:

I was pretty tempted to get Fig, but although it’s a pretty out of this world ring, I don’t think I would wear it too much. So I ordered this one (as Santa) for myself:

She (yes, it’s a she) has these cute little cartoon-ish eyes and a pearl at the end of her trunk, just too adorable. So far it looks like come the 25th I’ll have a zoo wrapped up under the Christmas tree…wear all the animal accessories together and I could play out stories with them on train rides to and from Kingston. Or not. Definitely not. I hate toys…

Whatever, man! I’ll name them all! Charo, Goldie…and friends! Maybe they’ll make friends with the miniatures on my friends’ blog, Little Selves. Hopefully Charo won’t hunt and eat any of them. Okay, this has already gone too far. The weekend starts tomorrow so I’ll start wearing clothes that are blog worthy (hopefully) and have some new pictures on here pronto (unless I lose another camera).

Animalady out.

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