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I’m a cougar! Grrr! by hallaek
November 17, 2009, 10:45 pm
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Only not…I’m really not. Those boys would have to be awfully young and illegal so I don’t think I’ll be going down that road just yet. The reason I claim to be a cougar is due to the fact that it’s the nickname I was given yesterday because of the belt I was wearing (which is definitely a spotted jaguar, maybe a leopard to clarify!)

If you’ve done what I’ve been urging in most posts and read what I tell you to read then you’ll have heard of Christopher Ross belts which are these big animal belt buckles that are usually done in gold from the 80s. I know there’s also a bow and other non animals, but the animals are the highly coveted ones. Until very recently you could only find them on ebay or by luck on some other second-hand website and even then actually getting one was near impossible. There was a unicorn one I desperately wanted (at work this summer I was asked if I could be one animal what would I be…I said unicorn, so when I say desperately I mean DESPERATELY), but I wasn’t sure how high my mum would really want me going since I was using her credit card so I didn’t bid high enough and poof! Unicorn gone. Ever since my love had dwindled, I didn’t want to go through the trauma of losing another gawdy-animal-head-belt-buckle…and I haven’t seen a unicorn since. Then through my everyday readings on AtlantisHome I found out that the blogger, Judith Aldridge, had acquired a bunch of Mimi belts which are pretty much Christopher Ross belts, but not as nice. So I went to the website, PlainObjects, and found my new best friend…and pet.

Thoughts on what I should name her?

She cost about US$42.00 which is far thriftier of me than spending between US$800-1,250…yeah. Unfortunately for Santa (or “Mommy”) our buddy Christopher has done something absolutely genius and re-released these famous belts from the 80s. There’s no unicorn, but there’s a giraffe, elephant, kitty and frog! There are a bunch of others, but those four are my favourite. Hint. Hint. (One more time…) Hint: Christopher Ross Collection.

And now that there’s a working camera in the mix the November Natur-Elle will be up soon and for now you can swoon at my purdy mug…

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