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November 8, 2009, 11:54 pm
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Those words were shouted far too often this weekend…even though I don’t do shoots. I don’t think I’ll explain the humour that lies in that phrase cause I’m lazy, it is a Sunday night after all. After getting a cumulative 15 hours of sleep since Thursday one might think that I would take this opportunity to sleep, but of course I’m wide awake.

Sparkly Louboutins

Two of my besties visited me this weekend which was very exciting (even though lame Tila only stayed for one night) and I really hope they got a vibe of a day in the life of me…gossip, drama, alcohol, paparazzi, drugs, sex, rock n’ roll, alcohol…yeah, as if I’m that cool. It was just nice to finally show them places I constantly talk about (my mecca: the QP) and the people I go on about (all of you). And at around 3am in the student center we went into this huge room and had photo fun! Most are pretty ridiculous which obviously makes them Facebook worthy. The next night (minus lame Tila) we went to a cast party and it is always fun to put someone new in a situation where they’re surrounded by not only “theatre people”, but a cast especially when it’s one like The Rocky Horror Show. Who knew most of them could dance like that? Faux krumping, crazy bum shakes, extremely entertaining! But being the director of a show that is known for extravagant costumes (fishnets, corsets, sparkles) I think I just have to do this before I post our pictures: Sequins. They’re back in a big way! As far as I was concerned they never went anywhere, but for any of you that frequent ShopBop there is a sequins revolution and it is FABULOUS. If I ever work in an office, which is highly doubtful, but IF, I will be wearing a full sequin suit. Sequin pants, skirts, blouses, cardigans, shoes, bags…walking disco ball. I realize I sound completely looney, but I just love them! I don’t own too many sequined items, mostly because I go shopping with people that talk me out of them because they don’t want to be affiliated with the walking sparkle. Sequins are also bloody expensive for what they are, shiny plastic. Remember back in the day when sequins were so normal? Sparkly baby animals on knit sweaters, red sequin mary janes, sock detail! Oh, to be 6 again!

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