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Ça fait ouiii! Ça fait toc, toc! Y’a des bruits dans mon salon! by hallaek
November 2, 2009, 12:09 am
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TFS. Grade 1. The first year I remember learning a bevy of ridiculous french Hallowe’en songs. The one in the title (“Les Fantômes”) is pretty fantastic because it has a lot of onomatopoeia which is a hoot when you’re 6, but one of my best friend’s and mine’s favourite has to be “Dans Une Citrouille” because it’s a never-ending song (starts with “dans”, ends with “dent”). We would sing it as loud as possible over and over and over and over…because we were hilariously entertaining of course.

So Hallowe’en as a 20 year old…not too different from Hallowe’en as a 5 year old. I had a piece of candy thrown at me which I then bragged about and ate as slowly as possible in front of people without candy. Hah. Candy-less suckers. Although my lovely housemate had to continue to remind me that I was “in my twenties now…” Thanks. After the first “twenties” remark I insisted she put french braid pigtails in my hair, adult my ass! So night 1 I went as Mrs. Peacock along with the Clue crew and night 2 I was Little Red because…Lauren had it in her closet. I found a great Urban Renewal dress for the Peacock, it’s an old 80s dress that’s been revamped to look a bit more modern and therefore, trendier. I bought a Peacock feather headband thing to make my costume clear which I didn’t love on my head so it became a very tight belt, but it worked.

You’ll notice that these pictures are pretty blurry and not so…nice. Cameras hate us now. Sure, I abandoned one of their kind, but now they’re punishing both Lauren and I. Could it be the end of in focus pictures? Will the blog become even more of my ramblings about sparkles and pitchers? I hope not. More for your sake though, I could ramble forever. Some of the blurry ones from night 2 kind of make us look like illustrations or cartoons…like from a fairy tale book? Hmmm? I’m trying. And one of the pictures Lauren took of me actually turned out to be really cool. She was just snapping pictures in different settings hoping that one would finally give us a proper flash and now I have this very artsy photo. I realize it’s not artsy to say artsy, but I’m not artsy so: artsy, artsy, artsy. (Take that you candy-less suckers.)

P.S. Lauren is not, NOT, a beer garden girl. She is the wind up doll from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You know in the end when they present the child-hating king with these elaborate gifts to get in the castle, but they’re actually people! Woah! Tricksters.

P.P.S. Les Chansons d’Halloween!

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