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Lady Gaga and the Foam by hallaek
September 19, 2009, 3:43 pm
Filed under: Fashion

We went to a foam party! And I did not get stabbed or catch any diseases (that I’m aware of) unlike what some people were saying about foam parties, so hah! It was freezing though, and Lauren and I were wearing very little so maybe we’ll develop colds, whatever man, whatever. We didn’t do much ‘foaming’, I did get dragged in at some point, but the bubbles were turning into ice so…it was just a skating rink. Lauren thinks she’s still thawing out from last night, baha. Oh yeah, and I was Lady Gaga, no biggie. Hooded swimsuits are the best thing ever. Hopefully American Apparel will make them in various colours and I can wear one everyday, Lady Gaga will be sooo jealous…although she probably has 5 closets full of them, damn. The party was for the Vogue Charity Fashion Show and although bathing suits were highly advised, I’m pretty sure it was just me and some other poor girl who took it very seriously. I’m always pretty serious about costumes, I wish every party had some sort of fun costume advisory!

Speaking of costumes…a few days ago Lauren had to pick up her computer which was right by Winners, so naturally we had a  photo shoot on her blackberry then too. We both tried on these princess costumes made for 8-12 year old girls (no clue how we got in or out of them) and took photos as the women going through the fitting rooms told us we looked “lovely” and “darling”, oh Kingston.

(I’m turning this into a costume post)…Check this out! Coco de Mer Erotic Boutique. It’s basically a designer “adult” store, their prices are outrageous, but the stuff is so cool! It’s a great idea, I wish they had one in Toronto. I find most adult stores pretty tacky (which never really bothers me), as most probably do and this is great if someone wants something special that is…actually special! Check out the pearl ring, I now covet it. (Oh yeah, my birthday’s October 9th, just so you know…)

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