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First day of classes… by hallaek
September 16, 2009, 3:56 pm
Filed under: Fashion

…well for me at least.

It also happened to be Ruth’s 20th birthday! A perfect excuse to drown the sorrows of classes and homework in a pitcher of Sangria White, if only I had had the attention span to ever acquire said pitcher. A million blonde, blog, youtube, Much Music, Rocky Horror, auditions questions and in the end it was easier not to worry about carrying around the weight of a pitcher (probably better for everyone in the end as the very first drink I got at the QP went all over my white scarf, naturally).

Yesterday I checked my viewing stats for the first time and expected maybe 20, 30 tops and was shocked to see that the day and day after a new post is up there’s something like 500-700 views! So a big “Thank you” is seriously in order to all of you that come on ovah (“come on over, baby”)! I was also so overwhelmed by all the people yesterday, many of whom were friends of friends that had heard through the grapevine, that were interested in being involved however way they could! I was so touched by all of this, and obviously contacting them ASAP to get some hot shots and maybe even an interview! I think it would be a fun touch to ask our everyday girls with not so everyday style how they feel about the industry and such, I will definitely incorporate it into the next post. I should also mention that although this is still mainly for women and it’s mainly women that wish to get involved, I had some requests from the boys last night and I just couldn’t turn them down, it was too cool that they wanted in!

I think I’m slowly getting better at figuring out my “style”. A lot of the time I picture these ridiculous outfits and think they’ll look so cool, or trendy, or whatever and then I always end up changing. Now I know I’m just not a fancy girl, and I LOVE comfort. So it’s all about one maybe trendy, maybe dressy (maybe sparkly) item and the rest can be my regular staples (Thank you, American Apparel and JBrand!) I think it’s because inside I will always be that 8 year girl who thought pajama bottoms were the height of fashion, no matter where I was.

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