I wear black

BRB by hallaek
June 30, 2011, 12:00 pm
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Blogging is hard work, you know.



artsy nekked

Pigeon Sex by hallaek
May 5, 2011, 8:51 pm
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Two big male pigeons were cooing very loudly and biting a female’s face in what I can only imagine is a BDSM-pigeon mating ritual. Spring has sprung, people…and pigeons.
And Scream 4 (I realize I’m late, bite me – like the pigeons?) Anyway, Scream 4 was the best movie I’ve seen ever. Hear that? Film connoisseurs everywhere are ready to gut me like a fish, 2011 styles. As a serious Scream fan this movie gave me everything I was looking for, and then some. Wes Craven, please plan my wedding.

And no, I’m not going to discuss the Royal Wedding, because I don’t care. Yeah, yeah, the royalists will get me, too. But I am wearing white long sleeves in these pictures – I’m pretty much the Duchess of Cambridge.

Before I lost my shadow.


lost child

meow, sunny

Pigeon toed (get it?)

Chanel shoes, vintage shirt, H&M pants, Balenciaga bag, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, vintage + Tiffany & Co. + David Yurman + Giuseppe Zanotti + random Kensington Market jewelry. Phew.

I wear black by hallaek
April 5, 2011, 5:48 pm
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I do. And lots of it. In my last packing installment I had all my clothes laid out on my bed and besides the two tan items and one gray item, the entire spectrum was black. For Miami. Black skirt, black bikini, black oversized/drapey thing numbers 1, 2, 3 (and 4); it was all black down to my first ‘cool person’ sun hat. But aside from packing, and if you know me even a bit, you know that the colour black is as essential to me as my puffer. That’s right, I have a puffer. Besides I was tired of speaking my pretentious french every time someone asked me what my blog is called. I have to defend myself most days for my faux-goth ways, so why not save myself some breath and name the blog after what is most obvious about my fashion choices: I wear black.

Back to business: did you see my last post? I don’t care either way, just look at this! Yup, those are my hands. And my ring. And my bedazzled phone. To think it all started with much picture-taking of the AWANG shoes (Cat can vouch for me, we were just sitting and talking as the photographer, Lewis Mirrett, snapped away) and now my digits are making their name in the world.

It’s actually not the first time my supreme phone-holding-fake-texting skills have helped me make a name for myself. Who watches CTV at 6am over the summer?

The original picture that made my hands famous.

“We’re not seeing the show” by hallaek
April 2, 2011, 1:21 pm
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In my last day of freedom (both from doctor’s offices and before the new term starts on Monday) I decided to dress up and hit up Toronto in it’s last day of LGFW. Factor in far too much walking in heels, cluelessly (it’s a word now) searching for the photos snapped of me for this blog post and throwing our well-dressed slash over-dressed selves into a vat of drunken baseball fans, I would say the day was a complete success all bumps aside. Or lumps.

Finally ready...

rawr part 2.

reppin' AWANG.

oh, hai!

...I'm having my hair cut tomorrow.

It just happened.

We needed a break from hoofing it all day…so we accidentally dressed up alike, and I added the furs (coordinated to our skirts if you notice). One would think the Greek food delivery girl would’ve had more to say as we bounced down the hall to where she was waiting. We’re cray-cray old ladies.

Alexander Wang shoes, Topshop shirt, Wilfred blazer, JBrand jeans, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, vintage jewelry.

Why do something now that you can do at the last possible minute? by hallaek
March 31, 2011, 7:22 pm
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That’s pretty much my motto. I’ve been the biggest slacker in a long time lately and it’s seeping into everything. That and Toronto’s wonderful weather as of late (I can mean that either as: a) it’s been horrible for so long or b) thank goodness it’s finally looking up now) have been either a) depressing or b) distracting. See, a good slacker can explain any actions, usually defending one’s laziness. Anyway, as some of you know I like the archives at the side to be complete, so here I am posting on the last day of March. Yup.

Moving on, I’ve snapped some photos of my living room. Visitors always comment so why not bring some of my interior to the web for even more commentary of whatever sort. Currently my living room is the most complete style-wise. If my condo were a home design show (and for those of you home design show buffs), the reason for my bedroom being incomplete, in that the stylistic focus-wall is still bare, it is due to the fact that we were shocked with concrete walls and the shelving ended up being a huge project/ordeal. Thus, money was taken from the wallpaper budget and used on the shelving budget. That is such a scenario for Property Brothers or Love It Or List It. (Right?)

The lucky ones in their glass home.

Great reads.




The original (and salvaged) animal lamp.

He's watching you.

I’ll be showcasing all the forgotten shoes. You know, hopefully.

P.S. CHECK THIS OUT. But actually do, please. It’s my friend and her special friend’s blog called “His, Hers and Theirs” and it gives the he vs. she perspective, it’s a very funny read.

Ketchup – This Time it’s Personal by hallaek
February 5, 2011, 12:00 pm
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Let’s make things easy:
Vote for video #4
Vote for video #3
Vote for video #2
Vote for video #1

You can also: vote on your phone, vote on different computers, vote on different web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Explorer, etc.), vote on your iPad, vote on your iTouch, so many different ways to vote…

"Click here!"

Video #3 is “Private Eye”, so I act like a fool and spy on people. Video #4 is “Red”, so I act like a fool and attempt making ketchup.

Obviously the fire alarm went off.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who watch the videos, but don’t vote. Let’s stop this epidemic of watching sans voting, and let’s start with you. Yes, you. I believe in you. I believe that you can watch those videos and you can vote for them! You have the power to make change happen! So vote now, and help momentarily change a foolish girl’s life.


SNUGGIE CITY? by hallaek
January 23, 2011, 10:48 pm
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(Definitely not, but…)


I apologize for the first time I used all caps lock self promotion, this time, and for the next two times that this will no doubt be happening. I’m pretty sure I’ve preached this enough, if you really don’t know please just scroll down – I’m very sleepy. If you don’t want to scroll down just click the link above and proceed to click “VOTE FOR HALLAE”, then vote for me, it’s just the easiest! What you’re missing right now:

Cousin It


Working on the third, can’t reveal the theme, but it has nothing to do with the angry mouse below (I just film in class which is where my artistic side emerges). I know, I know…filming in class is just the kookiest. Well you can call me “kooky” or just vote for my videos, I think we both know which option requires the least amount of effort.
…In case you don’t know the latter is the lazy man’s option.

mad mice

A vote for me is a vote for someone you know, even if you know me just a little.

The Profiles
The Videos
The Website

Wha-BAM! (Get it?)

PSYCHIC CITY by hallaek
January 16, 2011, 8:36 pm
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Alright, that’s quite enough of that. But I really would appreciate a wee little vote from your laptop, or desktop, or cell phone, or all of the above (all of the above). The first theme was “…and that’s what happened”, so I went to a psychic for my first time! Ohh, intrigue. What does she reveal? Watch the video to find out. And of course watch them all because they are all really well done and every one is so different from one to the next.

Voodoo Mama Juju


I am currently working on my second video which will be posted on the site I’ve already linked to twice (twice) on Thursday, but figured I would release a “teaser” so that hopefully come the big day you’re just itching to vote! It’s a bit vague, it’s just a teaser, not a full trailer that would be against the rules, so…here it is:


I promise you, it’s pretty embarrassing. Worth a watch especially if you would like to use this video as ammo.

The Profiles
The Videos
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BAM! by hallaek
December 21, 2010, 6:32 pm
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The title will make sense on a later date – most likely tomorrow. I have some great news.
For now it means BAM! PICTURES! Like…shazam! School finally ended last Friday, so as I said I have some pictures to put up, but most of my time and energy was being put towards the great news.

I’ve recently dug out my mom’s old fur coat from when she was my age (it even has her initials stitched on the inside – how quaint); it’s made out of squirrel! People tend to inch away from that when I mention it and proceed to wipe their hand on their jeans, but it’s very soft and very warm, and whatever, squirrels are furry creatures too. I feel a bit ridiculous wearing it, it looks great it just draws attention. Tila said (on the first day of many stares) that I could never work as an extra, I’d be fired for looking ridiculous. I didn’t argue, but nor did I agree, I still have my pride after all.




I look like I'm prancing

IPhone to the rescue – Xmas party



I’m just bursting with Christmas spirit…obviously.

“Social” blogger by hallaek
November 30, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Let’s not beat around the bush here: the blog has been at the back of my mind and I wish I felt more pressure, but alas… I’ve never really been too busy before, fairly busy, but never mandatory class attendance + actually wanting to do well on assignments busy. Who knew how tiring it was to try (even a little bit) at school? Not I. Shows, and dance, and rehearsal are tiring, but school tiring – why did no one ever warn me about it? I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. Or skipped it. But that was the old me. The new me attends class (on time – mostly), puts a fair amount of effort into homework, takes notes, and even participates. It’s pretty weird.
But I refuse to lose a month on those archives to your left, so here we go.

The Sultan’s Tent. Belly dancing, drapey decor, little hut things which apparently we needed a reservation to sit under, but that was a silly fib. It was pretty cool, but definitely a one-time and done deal. That’s all I really have to say about it, plus some pictures.
My shorts are from Reflections Vintage & Antiques which has a “drag” room in the back covered with sequins. It’s like walking into Galinda’s (or Glinda’s) brain. I know, pretty cool. They came in a set with a matching crop top which I only wear together when I’m a certain alter ego, but we are not going to discuss that right now. You know what, I’ll save you the anticipation, that’s the first and last mention of said alter ego. They’re a weird length and definitely get stares, but what the hey, I usually reach almost 6′ in most of my too-high heels which turns quite a few heads so I might as well give them a Bermuda-short-length of patterned sparkle to stare at.





P.S. Have y’all checked out Google’s amazing new site yet? I’ve only posted it on my wall TWICE. Let’s talk Boutiques.com. If you liked ShopStyle, you’ll love Boutiques. Why? Because they actually found everything! They have scoured the net to find anything your little heart could desire (basically). Sure, sizes are hit and miss and sometimes it’s a tease, but when you find Proenza Schouler booties from Fall ’09 in a size 7.5, you fall in love with the site.

P.P.S. Yo, AWang, still waiting on these. Anytime now.


P.P.P.S. Check her out. But actually. Do you love Toronto? Do you love sparkles? Do you love dresses? You love Cara Cheung.

More where that came from...


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